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Marketing your website through search engine optimization (SEO) is just as important as the way your website looks and functions. SEO can have a major positive impact on your business, and it's important to choose a professional search marketing firm that is experienced in providing results. Whether your needs are in lead generation SEO or eCommerce SEO, OuterBox is experienced in creating successful organic search marketing campaigns. We believe that building a website without SEO is like writing a book without publishing it. No one will find it or buy it. Your website is a great marketing tool and was an investment in and of itself, but it must be made readily available to potential customers. Our search engine optimization services, otherwise known as SEO, will help your website to be displayed toward the top of the organic search results for the keywords most important to your specific business. We also specialize in eCommerce website design & SEO for customers looking to market their products and online stores.

Our professional website design expertise, combined with in-house SEO services, make us a standout search engine optimization & website marketing firm. We've worked with start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, increasing brand awareness, growing leads and maximizing online sales.

At OuterBox our goal is to lower your advertising costs while delivering the most traffic and sales as possible. In 2013 our SEO campaigns delivered a cost per visit 1/5 the cost of paid search marketing.


Allison Smith, our VP of Online Marketing, & Jason Dutt, our COO, give an overview of our SEO services.

Our in-house SEO team allows for smooth communication and collaboration on strategy. One of our main goals in any search marketing campaign is for you, our client, to understand the process and what is happening at all points.

We believe in providing our clients with detailed reports of what we're doing. Each month we'll submit a digital overview of tasks completed and schedule a call to review. Communication is key.

Our conversion focused SEO strategies look to increase leads and sales, not just traffic. Your ROI is our top focus.

We believe content is one of the most important elements of a successful SEO strategy. All copy written in our campaigns is developed in-house by writers with an SEO focus.

We've Helped Hundreds of SEO Clients Reach Page #1

Detailed Reporting & Clear Communication

Through our SEO reporting platform you will have the ability to view interactive monthly reports that highlight statistics,
tasks completed and upcoming tasks planned. You'll even know which OuterBox team member completed the task. No longer will you be left in the dark wondering whats happening with your SEO campaign or what the plan is for the future.

Quick Snapshots
After logging in to your account you'll have access to custom generated reports, put together by your SEO specialist that highlight your most important statistics including ranking positions, traffic, conversions and sales.
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Detailed Task Reporting
Each month you'll know exactly what our team has accomplished and who was involved in the task. All tasks are documented and can always be referenced, even years after they are completed.
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Clear Communication
If you have questions it is easy to request a call or an email. We also pre-schedule calls each month to review everything that has happened.
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Future Planning
At the end of each month we'll review the plan for the upcoming month. Planning and being on the same page with our clients is a top priority.
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Search Engine Friendly Web Design & Website Development

All of OuterBox's websites are developed "search engine friendly" using the latest SEO standards and white hat SEO techniques. Although you may not receive first page rankings on major keywords without on-going search optimization, a search engine friendly website is the first step in the SEO process. If you're in need of a new website, allow OuterBox to design and develop your professional website with search engine rankings in mind.

Search Engine Friendly Elements Include:

I'm Interested In Growing Traffic. Now What?

Allow OuterBox to provide your company with a free, detailed proposal of our services. Our proposals outline the steps in the SEO process, as well as inform you on the value that we offer. A keyword suggestion and potentials report will show you the keywords of interest and the amount of business and traffic your website can achieve.

For a free estimate call us at 1-866-647-9218.

Our SEO Plans Are ROI Focused
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Why Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Important?

Think of it this way. A web site is your business' ad, and before your ad can be effective, you have to send it out. By performing search engine optimization on your website you will allow web surfers to find your site and see what your business has to offer. An outstanding website is great to have, but not if potential customers can't find it!

Why Do I Need an Ecommerce SEO Expert?

Your eCommerce website is much different than a typical website. You have a web of content from informational pages to products and categories. Optimizing each of these sections and connecting them together in a logical way is extremely important for your Ecommerce SEO campaigns success. With hundreds of Ecommerce search marketing clients we have the ability to look at what has worked for them and apply the same strategies to your website. Don't fall for an SEO company who will be learning how to optimize your online store while on the job.

How Do You Perform Search Engine Optimization?

There are many ways we work to boost your rankings. We must first research your businesses market and develop a marketing strategy. We work to find the best keywords for your business and use these keywords in the sections of your website most viewed by search engines. We also build the infrastructure of your website in a way that helps search engines easily detect and list all of your pages. We'll also work with you to create web partners. Relevant websites that link back to your website brings your sites credibility up. For more information, contact us for a free estimate.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Quality Search Engine Rankings?

There are a lot of factors that play into the amount of time it will take for your search engine rankings and traffic to rise. Some factors are the competitiveness of your industry, how long your site has been around and where you currently rank. For example, if you are on page 5 we will work to move you to page 1, but through this process you will go from page 5, to page 3 and eventually to page 1. As we make progress traffic does not always increase until we hit the 1st or 2nd page. Remember, most search engine users do not go past page 2.

Also, the time can vary for a search engine to see the updates we make to optimize your website. There are many variables, and these can also vary based on the search engine. We'll keep you up-to-date on the progress of your search engine rankings by providing you with reports on a regular basis. If you want to learn more about search engines, read our SEO overview article. During our quoting process we will speak with you about your website and how long we feel it will take for us achieve your goals.

What is the Difference Between SEO and PPC?

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is the process of moving your website up in the organic search results. Organic results are the website Google displays because Google feels they are the best websites based on the keyword searched. These are not paid ads. PPC, short for Pay Per Click, is the process of buying paid ads or search engine results. When you search a keyword or phrase on Google you will see listing that say "Ad" next to them. These are PPC ads and are not organic listings. Each time those ads are clicked the website owners pays a fee which is determined based on a bidding price model. We can help you to determine which advertising solutions, SEO or PPC, may be best for your business based on your long term and short term goals.

Do you only work with local companies?

While we are located in Akron, Ohio, we provide professional SEO services to companies of all sizes all over America. We also work with many companies in Ohio, specifically providing SEO services in Cleveland, Columbus, and Canton.

Does OuterBox Work With All Major Platforms and CMS's?

Yes, we're experience in working with all of the major platforms such as Magento, Onveos, Wordpress, BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce and more. Contact us to see if we've worked with the platform you're on. Also, we do measure the best seo companies and can refer you to someone if needed.

How Can We Begin Search Engine Optimization For My Site?

Let's discuss your needs. You can fill out our free estimate form by clicking here or give us a call at 1-866-647-9218. We'll explain our SEO services and give you more information based on your type of business, your website and needs. Remember, each SEO campaign is custom and developed to meet your expectations.

Overall client rating is 4.6 out of 5.0 for OuterBox SEO on Google with 68 reviews on 250+ projects.