by Pat Fischer

Welcome Wednesday – Now Featuring Even More Nostalgia

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Rest In Peace, Geocities

Welcome to Welcome Wednesday at the OuterBox blog! This week we are excited to catch up with Phil Champ, undisputed heavyweight cha our newest edition to the design team. Phil has revitalized the department with a fresh perspective and great enthusiasm. To make him an official part of the OuterBox family, let’s initiate him with an all new WELCOME WEDNESDAY!
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Q. What is your role at OuterBox?

I am a Senior Web Designer crafting savvy eCommerce solutions for Outerbox’s many clients. I’m deeply involved in the concepting, creative development and aesthetics of each project.

Q. What is your first impression of working at OuterBox thus far?

High-energy, friendly people combined with an awesome space perfect for getting lost in a sketchbook or brainstorming.

Q. Before you even began working, nicknaming you “Champ” was in the works. Is it cool if we all call you champ?

Only if you also provide me with an Outerbox Design Champion belt! Gotta live up to my nickname right?

Q. What made you become interested in Graphic Design?  What about your specific personality or skill set do you think makes you a talented graphic designer?

I’ve actually been interested in web design from the age of 10 or so when I built and designed websites for my favorite cartoon show DragonBall Z! (shout out to old sitebuilders, Angelfire, and Yahoo Geocities for hooking me up! I have a long history and passion for design, which I’ve honed and turned into a career before I even knew it was one. I possess strong leadership skills and I’m not afraid to push the envelope and take risks. It’s the only way we can truly grow!)

Q. What was your last dream about?

I actually don’t remember my dreams often, I guess I’m a deep sleeper. Often I dream of flying though and it’s always the most exhilarating feeling! Then you wake up…Blah.

Q. What is one thing that you always carry with you?

My Bulova watch, I love it almost more than my smartphone!

Q. Do you have any irrational fears?

I’m incredibly claustrophobic.

Q. If you ran into your ten year old self, what would he say to you?

“I’m looking for a 1st edition holographic Charizard, have one to trade?”

Q. If you sold your life story to Hollywood, what song would play during the opening credits? What actor would you like to play your role?

  • Kryptonite – 3 Doors Down
  • Leonardo DiCaprio

Q. The trailer for the next Star Wars film debuted over the Thanksgiving weekend. It already has more than 50 million views and is expected to be the most viewed trailer of all time. Are you a fan of the Star Wars franchise? Have you seen the new trailer?

I am a fan, I haven’t seen the new trailer. I must be a bad fan.

Q. What is your favorite thing to do in the area that doesn’t cost any money – besides perhaps the gas it takes you to get there?

Honestly, I like going on long walks, especially in the Autumn. Walks are free! I also love to go to Lock 3 here in Akron for iceskating season, which is free if you have your own skates!

Q. Obligatory Super Hero Question: If OuterBox had to decide between hiring Batman and Superman, who would you recommend and why?

Batman. He may not have innate superpowers, but that’s what makes him the best. He’s a real guy with real problems, fears and limitations—but he still manages to get the job done and find a way to succeed. I like that in a hero, and a fellow employee.

Well done, Phil…not everyone answers the superhero question correctly and you nailed it on your first try! Working with Superman would have been really awkward once he found out you would choose a song called “Kryptonite” for your biopic. Thanks for reading, everyone. We’ve lived, we’ve loved, we’ve laughed – and we’ve learned a lot. We’ll see you next week with an all new Welcome Wednesday, same Pat time, same Pat channel.