by Pat Fischer

Welcome Wednesday: Now with 55 times more Megan Kelly

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Will anyone ever compete with the chiseled abs of the original cartoon Superman?

Welcome (pun intended!) to another edition of Welcome Wednesday on the OuterBox blog. This week, we are chatting with Megan Kelly, our newly hired Traffic Coordinator. When she isn’t making sure that all of our client projects are running smoothly, she enjoys being subjected to quirky interviews that may or may not have too many superhero related questions. Let’s get going and get to know Megan a bit better!

Q. How would you describe your role at OuterBox?

As the new Traffic Coordinator, I handle requests or issues from our clients that may arise and make sure they get to the appropriate department.

Q. How have you found the experience of working at OuterBox to be thus far?

I’ve only been here a couple weeks but it has been great. The folks here are a lot of fun, and everyone has been really nice and extremely helpful.

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Q. OuterBox recently received applications from both Superman and Batman. Unfortunately, we have only one opening in our Superhero department. Who do you think would be a better fit for OuterBox?

Are we talking Henry Cavill Superman? If so, Superman for purely selfish reasons.

Editor’s note: There is well documented scientific research that suggests Christopher Reeve was the best Superman EVER.

Q. Thanksgiving is coming up. Do you have a favorite thanksgiving food? Do you or your family have any unusual traditions you’d like to share with us?

Stuffing or Broccoli Casserole. There seems to be a newer tradition where everyone brings their large dogs with them and it just ends up being cute, furry chaos.

Q. There are only 734 days until the next presidential election! If you could pick any person in the world to immediately become the president for the next 8 years, who would it be?

Anyone that could make this world a better place for everyone. That’s not too much to ask, right?

Q. Name a product you feel you have gotten more than your money’s worth from.

My winter boots. I wore Chuck Taylor’s for years, and I had no idea how warm and dry my feet could be until I bought them. Go figure.

Q. List your favorite band/music artist of all time. Movie? Television Show? Book?

  • Murder by Death
  • Shawshank Redemption
  • Man, there have been so many good shows lately. Right now it’s The Walking Dead.

Q. Now, please name a product that doesn’t exist that you wish did ( there are no guarantees I will not be filing a patent immediately following this interview )

Time Machine. Go ahead Pat, patent it. Make it happen!

Q. If you could give your kindergarten self one piece of advice in 5 words or less, what would it be?

Don’t take yourself too seriously!

Q. Are there any words that no matter how hard you try you still find difficult to spell correctly?

I always seem to leave the last ‘e’ out at first when I spell the word ‘definitely’.

Q. Name a concept or belief that you held as a child that you now find to be absurdly ridiculous?

When I was learning my numbers when I was really young I use to think the number 55 didn’t exist. I would skip over it when counting. I have no idea why.

Q. Name something you still do to this day that is no longer socially acceptable for someone of your age.

Aw, come on..I’m still young. Right? RIGHT?!

Great answers, Megan! Thanks for reading, everybody. We will see you next week with another Welcome Wednesday!