by Pat Fischer

Welcome Wednesday: Now With More Sean Connery

Welcome to the latest addition of Welcome Wednesday on the OuterBox blog. This week I caught up with Andrew Ash, our newly promoted SEM Specialist. As always, I got right down to brass tacks and asked the important questions. Andrew delivered with some great responses:

What is your role at OuterBox?

I am an SEM Specialist. I am primarily responsible for performing SEO Implementation and working along side the Sr. SEM Strategist on Account Management and Strategy Creation for a number of clients.

What has been your favorite part about working at OuterBox thus far?

Just about everything! I get to work with great people in a fantastic atmosphere on projects that I am passionate about and interested in. Can’t really beat that!.

What is your favorite book of all time? Band? Movie? Candy bar? Atomic element?

  • Book: The Lord of the Rings Series – Still haven’t finished them yet though.
  • Band: Tool
  • Movie: I have a favorite in every category! This one is just too tough to answer.
  • Candy Bar: Clark Bar! You can’t beat a candy bar made of milk chocolate and crunchy peanut butter.
  • Atomic Element: Oxygen, I have asthma so when this actually is absorbed in my lungs, I am very happy.

Should Martinis be served shaken, stirred or not at all?

Only drink beer and good bourbon. If you like Martinis that’s great but keep them away from me.

While we’re on the subject, who was the best James Bond? (hint: Sean Connery)

Not going to lie Daniel Craig has been pretty flawless lately. If you haven’t seen Skyfall, watch it!

If you were stuck on a desert island and could only take three items with you, what would you choose? People are allowed to count as an item in this question (editors note: OuterBox does not consider people to be items)

  • My Girlfriend, Rachel Coleman. If I am stuck on a desert island she deserves to be too. Sorry Rachel.
  • Fire starter – Need a fire to cook food and water
  • Pot – I’ll Need a pot to boil water so I don’t die of dysentery from attempting to drink bacteria ridden water.

What is your favorite fall activity?

FOOTBALL! Go Browns! Go Bucks! And if you live in Ohio stop being a Steelers fan it’s time to convert.

Name an activity in which you fell accidentally ?

While we’re on the subject, football.

If you could eat dinner with 5 people, living or dead, what type of restaurant would you choose? Oh, and tell us who you would choose, I guess.

  • Maynard James Keenan – Some winery because he’s into that kind of thing.
  • Ronald Reagan – White House
  • Brian Hoyer – Some restaurant in Cleveland.
  • Jim Brown – Also, some restaurant in Cleveland.
  • And of course – Pat Fischer. We eat at OuterBox almost everyday.

What’s on the Netflix queue? If you don’t have Netflix, please just tell us what VHS tapes are on top of your VCR.

A lot of scary flicks and House of Cards.

Could Chuck Norris microwave a burrito so hot even he himself could not eat it?

Yes, but he would punch the burrito really hard with the fist behind his beard.

What are you going to eat for dinner tonight? (This isn’t part of the interview, I’m just running out of meal ideas)

Pat, I think you should eat some spaghetti and meatballs.

BONUS QUESTION – How many licks does it take YOU to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

According to the MythBusters’ Facebook page it takes 3481 licks to get to the center. So, it would probably take me about 1.

Well, we’ve gotten to the bottom of the mystery wrapped inside an enigma that is Andrew Ash. Now if you will excuse me, I have some spaghetti and meatballs to cook. We’ll see you soon with another OuterBox blog so stay tuned!