OuterBox Launches OuterBox.com & Six New Company Videos

OuterBox.com Videos

Above: OuterBox.com features interactive company videos.

OuterBox (Akron, OH), OuterBoxDesign.com, recently purchased OuterBox.com to launch an interactive corporate website. OuterBox is a leader in eCommerce website design and online marketing. OuterBox's goal is for all clients to know the team, their personalities, and understand who they are working with. Combining a unique navigational experience along with video has proven to be an entertaining way of learning about OuterBox and offered services.



"It's important that people know us. Our clients are all over the world, and often enough, we never get to meet face-to-face. This initiative had our clients in mind and we wanted to be sure they felt comfortable with the people they work with each day." - Justin Smith, CEO

For months OuteBox discussed internally the best way to allow someone quickly inside of the company. Utilizing the latest in Web 2.0 functionality, along with entertaining videos, made for a project that was not only unique but was also a reflection of what OuterBox has been providing to clients. Staying on top of the technology curve is an important part of the business and displaying the newest concepts was a must-have.



"We need to step into our own technology. Displaying the possibilities for our clients is something we should always be doing within our own marketing campaigns and materials." - Nick Nolan, Partner