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Would you like to see your chiropractic practice’s website drive new patients to your website? Is your existing website little more than a source of information for existing patients? Wouldn’t you like to see your website rank at the top of Google for relevant search terms from potential customers searching for the exact services you provide? Our focused SEO for chiropractors is the answer.

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We have extensive experience optimizing websites in the medical industry, from doctors and medical practice to medical suppliers and software developers. We know what it takes to get your website at the top of Google for most valuable keywords that will drive new patients to your website.

Proven SEO Strategies for Chiropractors

When it comes to SEO, Google holds medical websites to a much higher standard. We've worked with dozens of doctors and medical-industry websites, so we know better than anyone what it takes to set your site apart from competiting chiropractors in Google.

We're Experts in Local Chiropractor SEO

Most chiropractors have a limited geographic reach and are targeting one city or region. OuterBox is a leading provider of Local SEO services and knows how to put your website in front of potential patients within a specific geographic area.
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Chiropractic SEO Campaign Metrics

We track the KPI that are most important to your chiropractic business to monitor our progress and measure the success of your SEO campaign. Each month, we'll analyze improvements in keyword rankings, organic traffic, and new patient leads, to evaluate the success of our chiropractic SEO campaign.
Chiropractic SEO Strategies that Drive New Patients To Your Website

It’s easy to understand why many chiropractors might overlook SEO as a means of driving new patients to your practice, but this is a fatal mistake to make.

While the chiropractors of the past were able to rely heavily on word-of-mouth and referrals to drive business, today the majority of your potential patients are beginning their search for chiropractic services online. It’s estimated that more than 9/10 people in need of a chiropractor begin their search online.

If you want to show up in search engines like Google, you have two options. Chiropractic SEO services or Paid Advertising (don’t worry, we also offer PPC management) to rank your website, you have to understand Google’s algorithm and develop a strategy to satiate it. The advantages of SEO is that when the work is done correctly, your website will continue to rank well for years to come, as opposed to the PPC pay-to-play method which requires constant advertising spend to maintain a presence.

To maximize the impact of an SEO campaign for your practice, you must consider all facets of SEO, including Local SEO, On-Page Optimizations, Off-Page Optimizations, link & citation building, etc., to develop a strategy that ensures you outperform competing chiropractic websites in as many ways as possible.

The Benefits of Working with an Experienced Chiropractor SEO Company

There’s no way around it, the majority of your chiropractic practice’s potential new business uses search engines like Google to find the services you offer. While traditional SEO tactics can certainly be effective, Google holds websites in the medical industry to a much higher standard and use artificial intelligence to send searchers to reputable medical websites.

This means that if you want to see your chiropractor business rank well in Google, you must take proactive steps to establish your website as a trustable authority within your space.

OuterBox has worked with dozens of doctors and chiropractors in our 15+ year history as a leading SEO services provider. We understand the unique challenges inherent to the medical services industry as a whole, and know what it takes to put your chiropractic website at the top of Google for your business’ most important and valuable keywords.

We’ll combine our past experiences with the latest updates to Google’s algorithm to develop a strategy that makes Google understand that your website is the best place to send potential searchers for information relevant to your business. As we make improvements to your site and add additional content, you will see a quantifiable increase in organic traffic, form completions, and ultimately, new patients for your practice.

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    Why Does My Chiropractor Practice Need SEO?

    • Potential patients use search engines like Google to search for chiropractors. Whether searching for “chiropractor near me” or “how to crack your back the right way” we’ll identify which keywords make the most sense to target on your website.
    • The majority of searchers tend to click on the first few results, rarely going beyond page one. If you’re not in the top 3 for your desired keywords, you’re likely missing out on over 90% of the traffic for that keyword.
    • We identify the best keywords to target for your business and optimize your site to improve its ability to rank for those keywords. It’s really that simple, as we improve your rankings for our target keywords, more searchers find your site in Google, which means more potential business for your chiropractic practice.

    As An Expert SEO Provider in the Medical SEO Vertical, Our Chiropractor SEO Services Include:

    • Local SEO (for targeting a specific region, city or service area)
    • National SEO (for top chiropractors looking to improve their national exposure)
    • Competitor Research
    • Content Development
    • Keyword Research and KW List Development
    • Citation Building
    • Link Building
    • Social Media Consulting
    • On-Page Optimization
    • Link Audits