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HTG Supply Redesign & SEO

Growing one of the nation's leading hydropnic retailers

Organic Search Traffic Increase
Ecommerce Sales Growth
Organic Sales Revenue Increase

HTG Supply is a nationwide leader in grow equipment with over 15 locations throughout the US. With an under performing website, HTG came to OuterBox looking for an overhaul and a complete search engine marketing plan. The website, developed on the Onveos Ecommerce platform, allows HTG to easily manage the website and gives customers a powerful, yet simple, shopping experience that is impacting the bottom line.

Utilizing Onveos platform features to provide better usability and increase conversions

Leveraging the Information Center

HTG Supply leverages the information center, a standard Onveos shopping cart feature, which allows for posting articles, videos, downloadable files and more. The content boosts the SEO campaign while providing a great customer resource and knowledge base area.

Bundled Products

The bundled products feature was implemented for HTG allowing them to create customizable product configurations. When adding new bundles via the Onveos admin, HTG has the ability to discount the products added to the bundle, select mandatory products, and build customizable packages to fit customers needs.

Advanced Filtering

With thousands of products HTG is able to provide product attributes powering the advanced filtering within Onveos. The SEO friendly filtering feature offers instant results (no page reloading) and non-duplicated URLs or content. Using this feature gives customers to find the exact product they need in a fraction of the time without any negative impact on SEO.

Instant Smart Search

Equipped with Smart Search, HTG's search bar gives instant results when a customer start typing, making the process of finding the item needed quicker. To learn more about how you can implement Smart Search and other Onveos features into your website, complete a free website estimate request.

Organic search engine optimization campaign

HTG came to OuterBox with some impressive rankings, but were looking to take these to the next level and retain all current rankings. Over hundreds of eCommerce redesign projects we've developed strategies to be sure rankings and results remain intact. After the website launch main keywords such as "Grow Lights" jumped multiple positions along with many other highly competitive keywords.

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