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TopKote Bathtub Refinishing Products
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About The Project

The Needs

TopKote had an outdated eCommerce website and was looking to bring it up-to-date. The website was being used mainly by contractors and dealers, so they needed to be logged in before pricing and ordering options would display. Contractors also needed the ability to purchase on credit terms and with purchase orders.

The Solutions

TopKote is based on the Onveos SimpleSite format, allowing the website to fit within the budget yet still include the functionality needed. When browsing product pages pricing and the "add to cart" functionality was developed to only display once a user has registered and has been approved. Via the website administration TopKote has the ability to approve or deny new account applicants. The website offers mobile ordering capabilities and a complete CMS for content, product and order management.

Dealers must create an account or login to view pricing and order.

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