Case Study

Email Marketing – Category Abandonment Flow

Lang Antiques

Industry: Fashion / Jewelry

Overview: Lang Antiques is a renowned online retailer specializing in antique and vintage jewelry. With a rich history spanning over 50 years, Lang Antiques has curated a distinguished collection of rare and exquisite pieces, attracting discerning customers and collectors worldwide. Their commitment to authenticity, craftsmanship, and exceptional customer service has solidified their position as a trusted authority in the antique jewelry market.

Email Abandonment Flow

1. Objectives

Engage, Convert and Educate

enhance customer engagement

Enhance Engagement

Increase customer engagement and interaction with LangAntiques’ collection of antique jewelry.
drive visitor conversions

Drive Conversions

Convert engaged visitors into customers by simplifying thepurchasing process and incentivizing transactions.
education customers

Educate Customers

Provide valuable information and insights about antique jewelry toenhance customer understanding and appreciation.

2. Approach

Visitor Tracking and Segmentation:

We tracked visitors to Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry product pages and segmented them based on their interaction with specific product categories. Our focus was primarily on distinguishing visitors interested in engagement products from those interested in other jewelry categories, allowing for targeted marketing efforts.

Content Creation:

Drawing upon the unique characteristics of each product category, we crafted captivating email content that showcased the beauty, craftsmanship, and historical significance of Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry’s offerings.


Focusing on the three primary product categories—engagement rings, art deco pieces, and gemstone rings—we tailored each email to resonate deeply with recipients based on their specific interests. By leveraging customer data and browsing behavior related to these categories, we delivered personalized content that showcased relevant products and compelling messaging tailored to each recipient’s preferences.


Through Klaviyo’s advanced flow builder, we orchestrated a series of automated email campaigns triggered by subscribers browsing product pages. These automated campaigns enabled timely and targeted communication with customers, maximizing engagement and conversion opportunities while minimizing manual intervention.

3. Measurable Results

“Your Percentile” measures how your business performance compares to your peer group. In the first image below, you can see that Lang Antiques ranked in the 92nd percentile (Open Rates) and 96th percentile (Click Rates) over their peer competition.

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