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eCommerce Marketing Services That Sell More Product

If you manage an online store, the big-picture goals are to increase transactions and generate more revenue. With so many viable ways to accomplish this, you need to work with an eCommerce marketing agency that knows which strategies and channels best fit your business. A fluent understanding of the nuances of each channel and how they relate to one another is crucial for maximizing success.

The best product in the world is worthless without a buyer. Buyers are everywhere online, found looming in the shadows of search engines, social media & online forums. The secret is finding them.

OuterBox has over 18 years of experience finding your buyers and funneling them to your website to convert. In the eCommerce industry, 18 years is a lifetime.

Our award-winning eCommerce marketing strategies are proven to work. We will work with your team to understand your product(s) and industry to develop an eCommerce marketing strategy with the best ROI possible.

As soon as you begin working with OuterBox, we’ll establish performance benchmarks and KPI. We will provide detailed, transparent monthly reporting on what work we have completed and how much progress we’ve made since our last discussion.

ecommerce marketing seo

eCommerce SEO

Our proven eCommerce SEO services are some of the best in the industry. We eat, breathe, and sleep eCommerce SEO every day. Work with a results-driven and reputable eCommerce SEO agency!

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Paid Search for eCommerce

We offer a Google Partner team certified in Google Ads, Display, and Shopping. We are also proficient in paid advertising via social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.
ecommerce marketing web development and website design

eCommmerce Web Development

OuterBox is a full-service web development AND marketing agency. Ecommerce web development is one of our areas of focus. From small tweaks to complete functionality overhaul, we've got you covered.

CRO Services

Conversion Rate Optimization

Increasing traffic to your site is excellent, but if that traffic doesn't complete your desired goals, what's the point? Maximize your conversion rate with an analytical approach to behavioral analysis, AB testing, heatmapping, video recordings, and more.
content development for ecommerce marketin

Content Marketing

Extensive market and keyword research will help us develop a custom content marketing plan that drives qualified traffic to your store. Learn more about our content marketing services.

Why Choose OuterBox as Your eCommerce Marketing Services Agency?

  • We are the eCommerce experts. Over the last 18 years, we’ve helped set trends and blazed new trails in the world of eCommerce. We know how to compete against giant eCommerce retailers like Amazon.
  • OuterBox never outsources! All of the eCommerce marketing strategy development AND execution is done in-house, in the heart of the USA, by our team of eCommerce marketing professionals.
  • All relevant eCommerce marketing services are offered under one roof, including SEO, PPC management, eCommerce web design & development, and more. We will operate as an extension of your existing marketing teams. In many cases, we ARE your marketing team.

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eCommerce Marketing FAQs

What is eCommerce marketing?

As we defined earlier, we like to think of eCommerce marketing as the process of building awareness and inspiring action toward a business that digitally sells a product or service. Realistically, any tactics utilized with the intent of marketing a product or service to be sold digitally can be classified as eCommerce marketing.

What is eCommerce marketing strategy?

An eCommerce marketing strategy may refer to the big-picture marketing strategy behind your eCommerce store marketing efforts or could refer to the variety of different approaches and channels available to eCommerce marketers. eCommerce SEO is an example of an eCommerce marketing strategy.

What is the difference between SEO and eCommerce marketing?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of improving your website’s visibility in organic search engines to increase the amount of traffic that comes to your website via organic search results. eCommerce SEO includes eCommerce-specific SEO strategies.

eCommerce marketing is an umbrella term that includes all digital marketing services utilized by an eCommerce store. SEO, and eCommerce SEO, are just one facet of eCommerce marketing.

What is eCommerce digital marketing

eCommerce digital marketing sounds a bit redundant, as the majority of marketing strategies for an eCommerce store will likely be digital in nature. Still, traditional (non-digital) marketing strategies can be quite beneficial for eCommerce stores. Many eCommerce stores still send out physical catalogs, for example.

How do I pick the best eCommerce marketing agency?

To find a reputable company, ask for client testimonials, case studies, and look for external sources of reviews. You will also want to find a company that has experience within your industry or with websites that have similar goals. If you’re reading this, in our opinion you’ve already found the best eCommerce marketing agency, so just contact us today to see if we’re the right fit for your business and budget.

How do you optimize an eCommerce website for SEO?

Nice try! We can’t give away all of our secrets…just kidding! In general, we will make changes and additions to your website to make it easier for search engines to understand your website’s content. We will also work to improve your authority and credibility by building natural, relevant links to your website from other sites on the web.

Why should I invest in SEO services for eCommerce?

SEO is a long-term strategy that can pay huge dividends when well-executed. One huge advantage of SEO is that it can continue to build momentum and drive traffic for years to come, whereas paid traffic will cease flowing as soon as you stop paying. eCommerce SEO campaigns typically deliver a stronger ROI since the increased traffic tends to result in tangible increases in transactions and revenue.

How can we begin a search engine optimization campaign for my website?

Let’s discuss YOUR needs. You can fill out our free estimate form by clicking here or give us a call at 1-866-647-9218. We’ll explain our SEO services and give you more information based on your type of business, your website, and goals. Remember, each SEO campaign is customized for your website goals and developed to meet your expectations.

What does it cost to do SEO on a new eCommerce website?

The answer to this question varies greatly depending on many factors. Brand new eCommerce websites on new domains will have a lot of ground to make up to compete in the SERPs. Depending on whether the website is brand new or a redesign of an existing website, the cost will vary greatly. Also, the competitiveness of your industry will come into play. Essentially, we will analyze your website and your goals, determine how much work will be needed to accomplish these goals, and send you a proposal that outlines all of the above.

What is eCommerce Marketing?

Ecommerce marketing is the process of building awareness and inspiring action toward a business that digitally sells a product or service. The main goal is to increase traffic to the store while maximizing the percentage of traffic that converts into paying customers. The eCommerce company must also work hard to retain the customers that do convert. Let’s discuss the various channels that flow to your website:

eCommerce Marketing Channels Include:

  • Organic Search Engine Traffic
  • Paid Search Engine Traffic
  • Social Media Traffic
  • Email Referral Traffic
  • Content Marketing Traffic
  • Affiliate Referral Traffic
  • Direct Traffic

Now, let's discuss those channels in greater detail, and what types of eCommerce marketing strategies can be used to amplify those channels.

  • Organic Search Traffic: Organic traffic is the traffic that comes to your site via an organic search engine. Be mindful that Google and other search engines are making it harder and harder for the average searcher to distinguish between a naturally-occurring search result and a paid advertisement. For eCommerce stores wishing to increase organic visibility in search engines like Google, we recommend eCommerce SEO services.
  • Paid Search Traffic:Paid traffic typically refers to PPC listings in search engines like Google, but paid traffic from other sources, such as social media, has become increasingly common. If you are an eCommerce store looking to “buy” traffic, you will want to hire a Google Ads management company.
  • Social Media Traffic: Social traffic refers to traffic that starts on a social media platform like Facebook or Instagram and ends up on your website. Both organic and paid opportunities are available to increase your social media traffic.
  • Email Referral Traffic: Email traffic refers to traffic that comes to your site via an email. Typically, this would be from your own company’s email list. Typical eCommerce email traffic comes sending emails to an existing email list that you continue to expand. Examples include nurture campaigns, abandoned cart campaigns, behavioral triggers campaigns, etc.
  • Content Marketing Traffic: Traffic that comes as a result of your inbound content marketing efforts. Sources could be your blog, your YouTube channel, etc. A healthy content marketing plan should leverage SEO and keyword research.
  • Affiliate Referral Traffic: Affiliate traffic comes from partnerships formed with other websites that share a similar audience . Affiliate programs allow eCommerce stores to leverage other websites to promote their products. The affiliate website makes a commission off of any transactions that occur as a result. ShareASale, Amazon, eBay, and Rakuten offer some of the most well-known affiliate programs.
  • Direct Traffic: Direct traffic is traffic that comes directly to your website with no other applicable traffic source for attribution. Direct traffic users typically either type your address directly into their browser or use a bookmark. Direct traffic can be increased by traditional marketing tactics, such as billboard advertising, mailing lists & catalog marketing, etc.