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If you're reading this page right now, you likely understand the important role search engine optimization can play in marketing your medical practice online. If your office isn't ranking at the top of Google, you're medical practice is failing to leverage a nearly unlimited source of new patients.

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With much more at stake, Google holds websites in the medical industry to a much higher standard. To rank well in Google, your medical practice's website must satiate Google's increasingly demanding algorithm to convey expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Our 15+ years of experience optimizing in the medical industry makes us a top Medical SEO services provider.

Medical SEO Company

Medical SEO Services

There is no "medical seo" magic wand that we can wave over your website to make it rank in Google. Most medical practices only need to target a city or region and thus benefit from Local SEO services. Other typical medical SEO services we provide tend to include keyword research, on-page optimization, competitor research, content development, link building, and much more.

We're Experts in Local SEO

Your medical practice likely only needs to target a specific city or region, and wouldn't benefit from national rankings. OuterBox is one of the leading provider of Local SEO services and knows how to make your website and Google My Business listings show up at the top of Google. Your medical practice's website should be an inbound marketing tool, not just information for existing patients.

Medical SEO Companies

Beware of companies that focus only in medical SEO and claim to have all of the answers. While it does help to work with an SEO company that has experience in the medical vertical, it's more important to work with an SEO agency with proven results and testimonials than with an agency that claims to know everything to know about "medical seo."

Drive New Patients To Your Medical Practice Website

Today, nearly 75% of patients leverage search engines like Google to find a health practitioner, and nearly 90% of consumers are likely to start with a search engine when investigating healthcare issues and looking for new providers.

Consider that the majority of searchers don't look beyond the top three results, and that the average Google search session lasts just under one minute, and it's easy to see just how important being at the top of the rankings can be. If you're not one of the top three results, you'll likely receive very little traffic to your website.

However, those websites ranking in the top three results for relevant, qualified keywords that indicate the searcher is looking for medical services, reap all the rewards. With Medical SEO services from OuterBox, you can expect to consistently outrank competing medical practices for the search terms that are most important to your practice.

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In our 15+ year history as top rated provider of SEO services, we've worked with countless doctors, medical practices, etc. We understand the unique challenges of the medical industry and the increased demands Google places on sites operating within the medical vertical. We've got a proven track record of putting doctors at the top of Google for valuable keywords that will drive new patients directly to the website from search engines like Google.

More About Medical SEO Services

Medical SEO services don't vary significantly from traditional and / or Local SEO services, but the stakes are much higher and the market much more competitive. To see your medical business' website thrive online, you'll want to work with an SEO provider that can show proven results. Experience within the medical industry is very important, as Google demands much more of this vertical.

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What is Medical SEO? How do Medical SEO Services Differ from Traditional SEO?

As we've already discussed, medical SEO refers to search engine optimization techniques implemented on websites operating within the medical industry. Other than this distinction, many of the same SEO tactics and techniques will apply.

However, Google treats websites within the medical industry differently than other industries, and their algorithm demands high-quality, unique content that conveys expertise on your subject matter, authority within the industry, and trustworthiness as an entity.

Advantages of Working with an Experienced Medical SEO Services Provider

  • Professionally Written Content: OuterBox staffs a completely in-house content team of professional writers capable of developing professionally written medical content that satiates Google's appetite for high quality content from medical websites.
  • Backlinks: OuterBox has experience acquiring medical-focused backlinks to your site. Google pays attention to the quality, quantity, and relevancy of links on the web that point to your medical website when deciding where to rank your website.
  • Medical Guest Posts: OuterBox has experience networking within the medical industry to get backlinks and guest blog posts from the big online players in the medical industry.

As An Expert Medical SEO Agency, Our Services Include:

  • Local SEO (great for medical practices targeting a small geographic area, city, region, etc.)
  • National SEO (for medical practices looking to increase national exposure and attract patients across the country.)
  • Medical Focused Backlinks
  • Guest Post Networking from High Domain Authority Medical and Niche Sites
  • Competitor Research
  • Citation & Link Building
  • Backlink Audits
  • Professionally Written Medical Content Development
  • Keyword Research
  • On Page Optimization
  • Technical Optimization (site speed, structured data, rich snippets, etc.)
  • Google My Business Management & Optimization
  • Social Media Planning & Strategy Consultation
  • Paid Advertising (see more about our PPC Management)

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How To Turn Phone Calls Into Patient Appointments

Justin Smith - CEO at OuterBox
by Justin Smith
Updated Apr. 28, 2019

Whether you run a doctor's office, a dental practice or you sell insurance, stocks or bonds for a living, your business relies on appointments.

If you're marketing through SEO, online marketing or other channels and don't schedule appointments, your business doesn't thrive. So when the phone starts ringing, that's when you should look at the situation as go-time. To put it more simply, always bring you're A-game on the phone. Here is how to do just that to help you close and schedule every prospect that calls in.

Turn phone calls into appointments

1. Use a Friendly Greeting

Answering the phone with something simple like, "Martha's Pet Grooming," or "This is Mary, can I help you?" makes the caller feel like an average nobody, and that's the exact opposite impression you want to give off if you want to schedule more appointments.

A far better strategy is to thank the caller for taking the time to dial you up. "Thank you for calling Bob's Auto Service, how can I assist you today?" or "How can I help you on this fine day?" are two great examples. Make the caller feel special.

Of course, it's not always what you say, but how you say it that counts.

2. Smile (Use a Mirror if You Have To)

If you are in a bad mood, don't like Mondays, hate what you're having for lunch or you simply can't stand answering the phone, never let your prospect hear that on the other end. You can do that by smiling.

Believe it or not, your smile will translate over the phone. If you smile, the prospect can hear it and this will result in a far better experience for both of you. The call might even end up being memorable for the prospect, and that's always a good thing.

Keep a mirror by the phone to remind you and test it out immediately. The next time the phone rings, smile throughout the call and see if you can close the caller. More often than not, it's a good bet that you will.

3. Take Control of the Phone Call

Let your callers walk all over you and that's exactly what they'll do. In other words, don't loaf on the phone and allow the caller to get every word in. Instead, keep guiding the caller towards an appointment.

For example, the caller might be asking about dental implants. Your job is to tell the caller that Dr. Gonzales would be very happy to examine your mouth to determine if dental implants are indeed right for you. Would you like to schedule an appointment?

That's a good example, but it's not great. Here's why:

4. Offer At Least Two Appointment Options

When you ask the prospect, "Would you like to schedule an appointment?" you are asking the caller a yes or no answer. There's then a 50% chance that the caller will say yes or no.
A better way to guide prospects towards appointments is to offer them at least two dates, like this. "Mr. Anderson, we would love to provide you with a free consultation, is Monday June 6th better for you or would Wednesday June 8 th be a better fit?"

Now the chances of the prospect saying no have diminished, and you're far more likely to get an answer either way every time.

5. Start (Conversationally) Gathering Data

Every prospect that calls in should be added to your sales funnel so that you can potentially close them in the future in case they're not ready to commit today. You can do this by getting, at the very least, a first and last name, an email address and a phone number.

Don't turn the call into a job interview. Rather, sneak the questions into the conversation. For instance, you might say, "I'd be happy to answer your question Mrs. Hendricks. Can I ask how you heard about us today?" And as far as getting the phone number, a good trick that telemarketers love to use is, "Let me confirm your phone number just in case we get disconnected." But be creative to data mine in a very natural way.

Of course, all that information is useless if you never speak to the prospect again. Always call prospects back immediately if they leave messages and call unclosed leads back within a week.

And finally, the best way to schedule appointments far more often than not is to:

6. Find Out the Person's Name and Use it Often

The final tip to help you schedule more appointments is to ask the caller's name early on and use it often. People love the sound of their own name. This one simple trick can help the caller feel even more special and that's really what it's all about.

Implement these six tips into your daily processes and watch your schedule book fill up fast.

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