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Our Local SEO Campaigns are Results Focused.

Small businesses face different challenges when marketing their companies than larger brands and businesses. For local businesses, showing up at the top of search results is important, but only if it’s in the area your company serves. Nowadays, it’s not enough to just have a brick and mortar store and traditional advertising; you need to have an online presence. Have a website not only helps users find and learn about your company, it also builds the trust of your brand. But having a website that isn’t getting found won’t do any good. That’s where OuterBox comes in. We are a seasoned local SEO company with experience providing locally driven results to small businesses. Whether you are looking for local inbound marketing to drive leads or local search engine optimization for an eCommerce site, OuterBox can help. Our team of local SEO experts has experience creating successful organic marketing campaigns with a geographic focus to ensure the right people see your site. Your website is an invaluable marketing tool that is worth investing in to ensure potential clients become customers. With a customized local SEO campaign, our team will put your website in the best position possible to rank number one for your most important keywords and search terms.

Our professional website design expertise, combined with in-house local SEO services, make us the #1 local SEO company. We’ve worked with startups to Fortune 500 companies, increasing brand awareness, growing leads, drive customers to stores, and maximizing online sales.

Proven SEO techniques

Techniques That Work

At OuterBox, we track what local SEO strategies worked with similar clients, so we know we are executing what we know to work. We are diligent when making decisions for your SEO campaign to ensure our strategy is customized to meet your exact needs.
Ecommerce sales driven campaigns

Local SEO Campaigns

OuterBox is known for being a top-rated local marketing agency, giving proven results to hundreds of clients nationwide. Our team has years of experience executing successful local marketing campaigns.
seo reporting system

Monthly Reports

Our custom SEO reporting system gives you the ability to view interactive monthly reports that highlight key stats, completed tasks, and future tasks the marketing campaign. You'll even know which of our SEO experts completed the work.
Google partner team

A Trusted Google Partner

OuterBox is a Google Partner company, so our in-house team of SEO experts is ready to assist you with anything you need.
technical seo services

Technical Resources

With a team consisting of back-end developers, front-end developers, designers, and SEO experts, we are able to tackle anything on your website to improve the technical SEO.

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You’ll know all the details of your localized marketing campaign


Easy to Read Local SEO Reports and Snapshots

Our custom SEO reporting system gives you full access to custom monthly reports created by the local SEO experts working on your campaign. The reports highlight relevant statistics and key performance indicators that assess the growth of your website and the progress of our local marketing strategy. This includes conversion information, keyword rankings, traffic from organic search and referral sources.


Detailed Marketing Task Reporting

Each month, you will receive your SEO report and know in detail the tasks our team accomplished, the date it was accomplished, and which of our team member completed the task. We document everything we do for your campaign in this report so your company can reference the information whenever you need it, even years after they are completed.


Our Local SEO Experts are Always Available to Help

Whenever you have questions, you can reach our team by email or request a call with your account executive or strategist. Along with providing monthly SEO reports, we pre-schedule monthly SEO calls so we can review the report, discuss our local SEO strategy moving forward, and discuss any questions, comments, or concerns from you.


Planning Next Month’s Local SEO Marketing Strategy

Our monthly reports include a review of our marketing strategy for the upcoming month. This ensures our team is on the same page as yours and that we are executing the best strategy for your specific goals.