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Need true eCommerce paid search experts? We’re the eCommerce PPC service pros – managing millions in SKUs and monthly PPC spend, boosting your ROI.

  • A Google Partner team certified in Google Shopping, Google Ads, Display
  • Weekly calls and detailed monthly PPC campaign reporting
  • eCommerce focused PPC strategies

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Our eCommerce PPC Management Services Drive Traffic & Online Sales

When you run an eCommerce business chances are you rely on a performing PPC campaign to drive new customers and sales each day. At OuterBox we’re an eCommerce focused agency, meaning we have Google Ads pros in-house that focus solely on optimizing paid search campaign for eCommerce websites. As we all know, an eCommerce business is a different beast and takes an expert who understands Google Shopping and other intricacies within the AdWords platform. We can also management your eCommerce PPC campaigns on Bing and other outlets. Through extensive research and planning we’ll come to you with an initial plan to optimize the campaign and continue to tweaks the campaign each month going forward, keeping a close eye on results on a daily basis. We’re also eCommerce SEO experts and can help to create a fully balanced, well-rounded search marketing campaign.

eCommerce PPC Campaign Keyword Research

Keyword Research for a Solid Foundation

From product names and SKUs to major keywords, we'll research and determine the best keywords to make your campaign successful by driving a high return on your investment.
Competitor Analysis for eCommerce PPC

Competitor Campaign Analysis

your competitors are configuring their eCommerce PPC campaigns. We'll share insights into their bidding models, spend and top performing landing pages.
PPC Copy Creation

Campaign Creation and Ad Copy Creation

With an in-house content and copy team, we'll write engaging ads that drive qualified clicks. We'll also develop top-quality landing pages that turn visitors into customers.
eCommerce PPC Landing Page Design

Landing Page Development

Our design team will work along side the content team to build landing pages that not only look amazing but perform. We'll take the user experience to then next level!
eCommerce PPC reports

Detailed Reporting and Monthly Meeting

Communication is key. We'll deliver a detailed monthly report and talk with you on a weekly basis. You can always call in to ask questions or review implemented updates.

Get an eCommerce PPC Campaign Estimate

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How does eCommerce PPC campaign management work?

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eCommerce PPC Campaign Review & Implementation

If you’re coming to OuterBox with an established Google Ads account or another paid search account, we’ll review the current campaign and provide a detailed report on how the campaign is configured and performing. We’ll then determine the next course of action to increase your online sales.

PPC Campaign CRO & Tracking

Many times PPC campaigns are not configured correctly to track conversions which can lead to significant problems and incorrect data. We’ll double-check and fix any issues with conversion and revenue tracking.

eCommerce PPC Remarketing Ads

Creating remarketing ads that bring potential customers back to complete their purchase is essential. We’ll set up your ads and manage them on a monthly basis.

Monthly Maintenance & PPC Campaign Optimizations

Every month we review with you the performance of the account and deliver a detailed report powered by Google Data Studio. We’ll give you the plan of action for the coming month and answer any questions you have.

10 Advanced Strategies for Optimizing Your eCommerce PPC Campaign

Below are some advanced tips to take your eCommerce Google Ads campaign to the next level. At OuterBox, we utilize these strategies to boost the return on your ad spend.

  • Precision Targeting: Dive deep into audience segmentation. Your cohorts are not just demographics; they are individuals with distinct behaviors, needs, and desires. Utilize AI and machine learning tools to refine your targeting, ensuring each ad meets a specific user’s intent and context.
  • Dynamic Creative Optimization: Implement DCO to auto-tweak the ad’s visual elements in real-time. It ensures that the audience encounters a tailor-made ad, optimized per their preferences, behavior, and journey stage.
  • Real-Time Bidding Adjustments: Harness machine learning algorithms for instant bid modifications. As the market fluctuates, the AI assesses and adapts, ensuring your budget yields maximum ROI.
  • Granular Analytics: Delve beyond surface-level metrics. Integrate sophisticated analytics tools to extract actionable insights, focusing on the customer’s journey, conversion paths, and post-click behavior.
  • AI-Powered Keyword Optimization: Enhance your keyword strategy by integrating AI tools that predict trends, suggest untapped keywords, and optimize bid strategies. Move beyond traditional keyword planning and embrace predictive analytics.
  • Performance Max Utilization: Performance Max campaigns, Google’s newest offering, should be your arsenal’s pinnacle. Harness its machine learning capabilities to optimize ads across Google’s properties. Performance Max leverages detailed conversion data to enhance the real-time bid strategy, audience targeting, and creative delivery, ensuring a personalized ad experience for users.
  • Omnichannel Experience: Bridge the gap between online and offline worlds. Make your PPC ads a gateway to a seamless shopping experience, ensuring consistency in messaging, branding, and user experience across channels.
  • Automated Rules and Scripts: Time is of the essence. Implement automated rules and scripts to perform routine tasks, focusing your intellect on strategy, creativity, and innovation. Let automation handle the mundane, while you mastermind the extraordinary.
  • Enhanced Mobile Optimization: With the proliferation of mobile users, your PPC ads should be mobile-first but not mobile-only. Optimize for speed, user experience, and conversions, ensuring your ads and landing pages are as agile as your audience.
  • Voice Search Readiness: As a forerunner, anticipating trends is your second nature. Optimize your PPC campaigns for voice search. Incorporate natural language processing to ensure your ads are responsive and relevant to voice queries.

Let’s make your eCommerce PPC campaign a success! Want to talk now? Call 1-866-647-9218.