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Since 2004, at OuterBox we’ve been an eCommerce-focused SEO agency specializing in Magento SEO and search engine marketing. With many Magento search engine optimization clients under our belt, we’re set to take on your marketing campaign and drive more traffic, sales and revenue to your Magento online store. We look forward to discussing your goals!

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Keyword Research for a Magento SEO Campaign

One of the most vital parts of a Magento SEO campaign is keyword research. During keyword research, we’ll investigate which keywords are most valuable to target in order to drive shoppers to your website. Whether we’re targeting a category page or product page, each page on your website will be assigned 3-5 main keywords to focus on.

Keyword research is so important because it’s the foundation of your SEO campaign. The optimization work that goes on during SEO, such as writing new content, updating content, editing title tags, and more, is all based on trying to rank your pages for the keywords chosen. If the keywords are not terms that’ll drive sales, the campaign is built on poor planning.

We use multiple tools for keyword research such as:

These tools help us to identify how many times keywords are searched, the competitiveness to rank for those keywords, and trends around the popularity of the term. When we’re done creating a keyword list we’ll present the list to you, review it, make modifications based on your suggestions, and have a final list of keywords to target.

Magento SEO Campaign Keyword Research

Magento SEO that Drives the Sales You Need

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving your website and online profile to appear at the top of Google when your most important keywords are searched. For a Magento website, these are often your category names, product names, and competitive industry keywords. SEO in the eCommerce industry is an involved process, and it helps your website to not only satisfy the Google search algorithm but to build a better user experience for your customers. It’s important that you’re found but just as important that the visitor turns into a customer. It takes our SEO’s in-depth expertise of how Google and other search engines work to land top of page one results. For more insight into Magento specifically, you may want to check out our Magento SEO tips guide.

Magento SEO Results

Take your major keywords to the top of Google with a Magento SEO Campaign.

As a Magento business owner or marketing director, your income is dependent on online sales. If customers don’t make it to the website and order online, you’re losing revenue. To get new customers on a daily basis and continue an upward growth trend, it’s important to have a consistent search engine optimization plan in place. As Google and other search engines make algorithm updates you need an expert like OuterBox to help you navigate those changes. Also, if you’re considering upgrading to Magento 2 it’s very important to work with an SEO expert during the transition process to retain your current search rankings and positions. We offer both ongoing SEO campaigns and also have SEO consultants available on a per-project basis. Choosing the right plug-ins and configuring your extensions, as well are reviewing the code base, is an extremely important step before launch.

When improving your SEO, one of the first steps is a full-site analysis. Is your website code up to date? Are there speed issues? Are the keywords you’re targeting the right ones to be going after? We’ll review your entire SEO strategy and deliver you a 20+ “proven methods” checklist for you to see where the website is falling short. Understanding how your website is currently put together will allow our team of SEO professionals to develop a plan for future success. There are also many SEO elements that are behind the scenes. Items such as page descriptions, title tags and more need to be edited to deliver Google’s algorithm exactly what it wants.

Give us a call at 1-866-647-9218 or click the green button at the top right of this page. We look to making your Magento SEO campaign a major success story.

As a Magento SEO Services Expert We Offer the Following:

  • Technical Magento website analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Magento speed optimization
  • Content development strategy
  • Internal and external link building
  • eCommerce conversion optimization
  • URL optimization
  • Detailed SEO reporting
  • & much more
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