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When you’ve been on the first page of Google for years and all of a sudden you’re not it can have a major impact on your business. Our Google recovery services will help your SEO campaign bounce back and get back on track. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses gain and keep top positions on Google. Talk with our SEO penalty experts and we’ll create a plan of attack!

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Google Penalty Removal

Whether you have a manual action penalty or just dropped in search rankings, we'll help you navigate the situation. Often clients drop after a website redesign or get hit with a link building penalty. We'll identify the problem and get your traffic back.
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We've been a leading SEO company for over 17 years, meaning we've seen it all. Our experts will be able to pinpoint your issues, make changes and get Google to recognize the issues are resolved.
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When taking your website through a recovery progress we'll help in all areas. From content to your link profile, we'll audit and update everything with our in-house team. You'll receive a monthly report outlining everything we've done. You'll always know what we're doing!

Real Client Organic Traffic Examples:

A 30% drop turns into a 100% organic traffic increase. 🚀

An organic drop over 70% fully recovered due to poor content and bad links.

We're experienced in working with the world's most popular platforms.
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How long will it takes to recover from a Google penalty?

The amount of time it takes to see rankings and traffic bounce back can all depend on the reason why your traffic dropped. In general we typically see an upward trend begin within 30-90 days and full recovery around the six month timeline.

What happens after you recover my rankings?

Almost all clients stay with OuterBox for ongoing SEO services after their rankings have recovered. Remember, the reason why your traffic dropped in the first place is because you didn’t have an SEO expert as part of your team. We help not only recover the rankings you had, but gain new top positions are grow traffic above and beyond where you’ve ever been.

Can you show me examples of clients you've help?

Yes! We have many case studies that we can share with you and tailor these to your situation. Give our team a call at 1-866-647-9218 or request a quote online. We’ll talk details and show you what we’ve done in the past.