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For 17+ years we've been SEO experts focused on WordPress SEO services that drive higher search engine rankings, website traffic and online sales. At OuterBox we have an expert WordPress SEO and WordPress web design team under one roof. We know all the "insides-and-outs" of WordPress and develop a search marketing plan tailored to your business growth goals. Get a free estimate today.

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We have a full in-house SEO and WordPress development team. That's why we're an industry leading WordPress SEO company.

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At OuterBox we have proven SEO strategies to optimize your WordPress website. We know what's worked and we'll do the same for you.

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We don't outsource our WordPress SEO or development services. It's all done here, in our office, in the USA.

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Want to talk over your SEO needs? We'll answer any search marketing questions - just contact us about SEO services for WordPress.

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We're a WordPress SEO Agency With an In-House Team

With a staff of 70+ in Akron, OH, we have WordPress SEO specialists and WordPress developers ready to help with you project. Give us a call and we'll talk over your goals. We know your business is unique and will create a customized proposal just for you.

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More About WordPress CMS

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform in the world and is still growing in popularity. WordPress does not require complete expert knowledge of PHP like Drupal or Joomla, but programming knowledge is required to make customizations. There are many pre-developed templates and plug-ins that can be used and depending on your goals these may or may not be a good option.

There are many SEO plug-ins for WordPress and these plug-ins do help, but do not do all of the work. One of the most popular plug-ins is Yoast SEO which makes optimizing your site easier and does offer additional baked in SEO best practices. It is still important, if you're looking to rank for major keywords, to work with an expert SEO company that can guide your business through the search marketing process. WordPress is open source, meaning code can be modified and customized as needed. The most popular websites that use WordPress are basic website and smaller content based websites.

Typical WordPress SEO Challenges

With WordPress, as with many platforms, the front-end design and code of the website can make a huge impact on the success of the SEO campaign. Working with a WordPress SEO company that understands development will allow them to be sure your theme is as search engine friendly as possible. Over the years we've seen some pretty bad themes that really hurt SEO efforts.

Choosing the right plug-ins can be a challenge. Depending on how your website was designed and the number of pages and posts on your site, different plug-ins may make sense. Also, remember even the best WordPress SEO plug-ins need to be configured and it doesn't do the work for you, it simply makes it easier. Often people install a plug-in and think it takes care of everything. The reality is the plug-ins often merely give you the capabilities to now do proper SEO, or help to make the website more SEO friendly, but someone still needs to perform SEO to boost organic traffic.

Breadcrumbs within WordPress can be difficult, especially if you're looking to develop an eCommerce website using the WordPress platform. Be sure to discuss the breadcrumb issue with your SEO team and developers. Breadcrumbs can really help Google to understand your website and site architecture, so it is great to have them if you can. It's very important your website is SEO friendly to begin with as it will make growing your organic traffic a quicker process.

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How do SEO services for WordPress work?

WordPress SEO Audit & Analysis

If you have an established WordPress website, we'll do a detailed SEO audit to determine what changes, additions and modification need made to boost your rankings and visibility in the search engines. We'll identify long-handing fruit (easy to fix items) based upon your current keyword positions and what will make the biggest ranking impact in the shortest amount of time. We're worked on hundred of WordPress sites, so we know what needs to happen to boost your search engine positions.

Develop a Custom SEO Strategy

After we've analyzed the website, we'll develop a custom WordPress SEO strategy. This strategy will be focused around your goals and based on your industry, competition, and current positions. No campaigns are the same and at OuterBox we tailor the overall strategy to your needs. We offer SEO packages that meet the needs of different budgets.

Monthly Technical Updates & On-Site Optimization

With a full in-house team of WordPress developers, we can easily make technical updates that will improve rankings. From changing basics such as title tags, header tags and ALT tags, to coding pages to focus on featured Google results, our team can handle any development task. We'll be sure to improve your sites internal linking structure, set up your SSL certificate (if needed), and get your on-site SEO in great shape. Also, if you need landing page development or custom programming, we provide those services in-house. We're on-site SEO pros and will make your code easy for Google to read.

Ongoing Content Creation

Creating new content on a regular basis is an important page of an ongoing WordPress SEO campaign. Our SEO team will develop a content calendar built to rank for new keywords and also increase rankings for current keywords. It's important to become an authority in the search engines and a well thought out, well-developed content campaign will help to establish your authority position. We'll also create content that can be posted on industry leading blogs to build external links back to your site.

We're an expert WordPress SEO company offering the following services:

  • WordPress speed optimization
  • Installation of SEO plug-ins
  • Content development strategy
  • Link profile analysis
  • Google Analytics configuration
  • URL optimization
  • XML sitemap management
  • Detailed SEO reporting
  • Monthly review and strategy calls
  • & much more

WordPress SEO Pricing

Every business is different and SEO pricing is based on your needs and goals. Ranking for more competitive keywords requires more time and effort. For a quick assessment and to receive a free estimate, please call us at 1-866-647-9218 or fill out an estimate request online. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

Frequently Asked WordPress SEO Questions

How is SEO performed on a WordPress website?

Optimizing a WordPress website isn't much different than optimizing any other website. The same important aspects of SEO matter most, such as choosing the right keywords through keyword research, boosting site speed, writing high quality content, and more. What is different on WordPress is how technical SEO is implemented. WordPress uses themes built in PHP, so it is important that your SEO service provider has WordPress developers on staff. Technical SEO is more important than ever, so working with an SEO agency that doesn't have the development skills will lower your chance of ranking #1 in the search engine results.

How does digital marketing work with my SEO campaign?

The more you're working on all of your marketing efforts, the easier it is to rank on the major search engines. Google Ads campaigns, email marketing, social media campaign, and affiliate campaigns help to build your brand on the internet. As your brand name grows, often Google rewards your website with a higher domain rating score. If you're a known player in your industry and have a great reputation online, apply SEO efforts will help your organic traffic to explode. All of our campaign are tailored to your website based on your other marketing efforts and where you're currently ranking.

How long does SEO take to work?

At OuterBox, we don't make promises we can't keep. As one of the best WordPress SEO companies, we'll look at your website and create an actionable plan. Within this plan we'll give our feedback on how long it'll take to move your website up in the search engines. How long SEO takes depends greatly on many factors such as how long your website has been around, your past SEO efforts, and ultimately your current search engine positions. It typically takes longer to move up multiple pages on Google than just moving one or two, or even a few positions. Give us a call and we'll put together a detailed plan of action to improve your WordPress SEO efforts.

Are you experience with B2B SEO campaigns?

If you're looking to drive more visitors to your website and to turn them into clients, our B2B SEO experience is second to none. We've been helping businesses drive leads through SEO since 2004. Learn more about our B2B SEO services or call us at 1-866-647-9218.