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If you’re launching a website redesign, you need to consider migrating your SEO. Without SEO migration the typical website loses between 30-50% of their organic traffic – almost overnight. It’s much easier to retain rankings than get them back, and it eliminates a long up hill battle with massive revenue loss. Our SEO experts will help plan, consultant, and implement your migration strategy, making sure your website is set up for SEO success.

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SEO Migration

Retain Your SEO Revenue

We'll look at your current rankings, where traffic is coming from, and determine how to continue capturing the traffic when the new website launches.
SEO Migration Services

We Know SEO Migration

Since 2004, we've been SEO experts. Not only can we help in your SEO migration, we have ongoing SEO plans to take your rankings to the next level.
SEO Migration Process

A Transparent SEO Process

Whether we're consulting or helping to implement the strategy, our process is transparent with highly detailed reporting.

What is included in SEO migration services?

  • Technical Code Review – We’ll review your website code, making sure your website is running as quickly as possible and doesn’t contain elements that will negatively impact SEO.
  • Content Audit – Often removing valuable content is one the biggest reasons search rankings drop. We’ll determine valuable content that needs to stay and weak content that should be removed.
  • URL Structure Analysis – Poor URL structure can ruin the value of a page. Our team will make sure your URLs are optimized, include correct keywords, and that your folder structure is optimized.
  • Internal Linking Audit – The way you link from one page to another within your site content and navigation plays a major impact on rankings. We’ll button it up!
  • Sitemap / Robots Review – We’ll review your sitemap files and robots.txt to be sure you’re allowing Google to index your website properly.
  • 301 Redirects Plan – Proper 301 redirects are essential to SEO migration success. This is one of the most important steps that our team will execute with precision.
  • New Content Optimization – If you’re adding new pages and new content to your site, optimizing that content is key.
  • SEO Suggestions – We’re SEO experts and have lots of SEO strategy ideas. We’ll share these with you and can help implement strategies over the course of future months if needed.

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Frequently Asked SEO Migration Questions

When do I need to start the SEO migration process?

Ideally your SEO team should be working alongside your website developers during the whole project. This will ensure SEO is considered every step of the way and will eliminate the need to rework layouts and coding. If you’ve waiting until develop is complete, then we’ll provide your developers a punch list of items that need completed. SEO migration can be a complicated process, so the earlier you think about it, the more time there is to do is correctly.

What happens if I don't migrate my SEO elements?

If you don’t migrate certain optimized elements such as content, title tags, etc., you’ll end up with a website that is much less optimized after launch than the previous site was before. When this happens, we’ve seen traffic anywhere from 30-90% – sometimes in the matter of just weeks. It then becomes an uphill battle to find the elements that were not migrated, move them over and then wait for the search engines to react. Often we find it can take up to 12 months for rankings to return, if not longer. This is why it’s so important to do the migration process correctly before your new website launches.