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  • A detailed SEO audit for on-site and off-site SEO
  • 1-on-1 meetings with our SEO strategists
  • A detailed SEO audit with all findings and suggestions
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Our detailed SEO audits reveal website problems and offer solutions

If you have a current website but are unsure of how the website is set up to perform for SEO, it may make sense to have an SEO audit completed. An audit can give insight into the challenges you’re facing, why you’re not achieving your SEO goals, and the strategies your competitors are using. We can also help you determine whether a website redesign or rebuild may be necessary to implement a successful ongoing SEO campaign. If you’re an online retailer, our team has extensive eCommerce expertise and can deliver one of the most detailed and comprehensive eCommerce SEO audits available. The audit will help you be more prepared and eliminate unknowns when heading into a full comprehensive SEO campaign.

SEO Audit Document

Detailed & Well-Designed SEO Audit

Our SEO audits are well designed and easy to read. We'll set up a kick off meeting with your team and ours and also schedule a full audit review call once the audit is complete. An SEO audit typically takes 3-5 weeks to complete.
Technical SEO Audit Service

Technical Website Audit

Our web development team works hand-in-hand with our SEO team to provide a technical audit of the website and determine what programming or technical issues may be causing SEO problems.
SEO Competitor Research

Extensive Competitor Research

We'll provide a detailed report of each of your main competitors and reverse engineer their SEO strategy. That will help us to understand what strategy will be needed to rank above them and compete with them to top search positions.

Expert SEO Audits Since 2004

Our SEO audit services are comprehensive, including a full review of your website with the goal of ranking at the top of Google. Included in our audit are the following:

Keyword Research & Current Target Keywords Audit

  • Creating a well-researched keyword list is the foundation for SEO success. We’ll develop a keyword list based on what’s most important to you, combined with search volume and search intent research. We’ll work together to finalize the list, agreeing on the terms you need in the top positions of Google. After the list is approved, we’ll create a baseline report to easily can compare future keyword movements against where you started.

Technical SEO Audit

  • Technical SEO is a complex and multifaceted process that can involve reviewing variety of ranking factors, from site architecture to page speed to crawl errors. We’ll review all technical aspect of your website and outline any issues along with solutions to fix the problems.

On-Page SEO Audit

  • We’ll review your on-page SEO elements, including title tags, headers, image tags, METAs and more. These elements are an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to optimizing each page for the search engines, allowing them to easily understand what your page is about and what it should rank for.

Competitor Analysis & Gap Review

  • Taking a deep dive into your competitors SEO strategy is a must. We’ll review what they’re doing and see what it’ll take to outrank them. We’ll create a gap analysis, making it clear where you stay and where they stand. A plan can then be put in place to fill these gaps giving your website a much better chance at ranking above your competitors.

Analytics Audit

  • Google Analytics is a powerful when configured correctly. We’ll review your Analytics accounts as well as discuss GA4 set up needs, ensure all tracking is working as intended and the data is accurate. With proper data Analytics can be leverages to make intelligent business and SEO strategy decisions.

Content Audit & Suggestions

  • We’ll review your current content and ongoing content plan to be sure you’re producing content that will drive traffic from organic search. This review include blog post / article topics, formatting and keyword usage throughout your content. We’ll also connect this with the technical aspect of SEO, making sure your content pages are technically sound and set up for success.

Link Profile Audit

  • Our SEO team will review your current content strategy and also your inbound link profile (the website linking to yours). We will make suggestions for new content strategies, link-building strategies, or possibly recommendations to remove certain content or links.

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SEO Audit Services FAQ

What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is the process of analyzing a website to identify issues that affect its organic visibility in search engines like Google. SEO auditors analyze a variety of factors as part of an SEO audit, including crawlability, on-page SEO elements, off-page SEO, keyword placement, duplicate content issues, and user experience across all devices and browsers. All of these factors are compiled and organized into an audit document for consumption by the business owner or marketing manager. SEO audits can just be a list of issues but often includes a proposal from the SEO auditor to complete the work.

How much does an SEO audit cost?

SEO audits are typically charged by the hour and the amount of time needed depends on how large your website is. eCommerce websites are also typically more complex that information lead generation website. Learn more about SEO pricing models.

How will my business benefit from an SEO audit?

An SEO Audit will help your business make informed decisions about SEO. If you are considering professional SEO services, we recommend getting an SEO audit from each company you are considering. Many companies will offer a free basic SEO audit at no charge or a more detailed audit at a discounted rate. Get a free quote for our SEO audit services!

What is a Technical SEO audit?

A technical SEO audit pays close attention to the technical aspects of your website, including:

  • Site architecture
  • URL structure
  • Crawlability/indexation
  • Internal linking
  • Accessibility
  • Coding fluency and efficiency
  • .htaccess files
  • 301 Redirects
  • Image and content delivery
  • Sitemaps
  • Robots.txt files.

What is a Local SEO audit?

Local SEO Services are for businesses focused on keyword rankings in a specific location or region. A Local SEO audit will analyze your website’s organic visibility as it pertains to a specific region. A Local SEO audit will focus on things like your Google Business profile, placement on Google Maps, and external links and citations.

What is an Enterprise SEO audit?

Enterprise SEO services are SEO services for large organizations and corporations. Typically enterprise-level websites are much larger and more complicated than small-business websites. An Enterprise SEO audit is an in-depth evaluation of all known factors affecting an enterprise website’s ability to rank. An enterprise SEO audit should leave no stone unturned in identifying potential SEO opportunities for your business.

How do I choose the best SEO audit services provider?

When selecting an SEO agency to perform an SEO audit, we recommend asking for relevant client testimonials and case studies. To get the most from an SEO audit, the agency must understand your business, products/services, and customers. Ask for industry-specific proof of success.

It’s time to 2x-5x your organic traffic.

We’ll provide you with a detailed SEO audit proposal, outlining your websites biggest SEO challenges and solutions to fix them.

Our SEO audit process begins with our team analyzing your website content, code, structure, and more to determine your strengths and weaknesses. We’ll also review your competitors to see what they are doing well and reverse engineer their strategies. Our SEO audit final report will include all findings along with recommendations and how to find the problems. Issues we may find may include similar tag tags, duplicate content, HTML / code problems, load speeds, and more. Determining which are most important and which items will help you rank better is an essential part of our plan. Our SEO audit process typically takes between 4-6 weeks. Throughout the process, you will work with various team members at OuterBox and we’ll truly get to know your business. We hope the SEO audit is the first step in a long-term business relationship.

Website SEO Audit Services Include:

Ecommerce SEO Audit

  • Keyword research
  • eCommerce competitor review
  • Site structure analysis
  • HTTP / HTTPS suggestions
  • SEO Content strategy review
  • Google Analytics review
  • Site speed analysis
  • URL structure suggestions
  • 301 redirect review
  • Canonical configuration analysis
  • Tag reviews (H1, Title, Alt, etc.)
  • & much more
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Enterprise SEO Audits Process: Conducting an Enterprise SEO Audit for Your Website

Jeff Hirz

Enterprise SEO Audit

At the enterprise level, an SEO auditor must evaluate all potential on-site and off-site factors to understand the website’s organic visibility and determine the viability of SEO as a marketing channel. An enterprise SEO audit should also consider how the website’s performance compares to competing sites in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Large organizations often have large, technically-complicated websites. These include highly dynamic websites that may have thousands of web pages across many subdomains. Many business websites are a “Frankenstein’s monster” of several different websites, often duct-taped together with blatant disregard for the concept of an SEO strategy.

The best SEO audits for enterprise-level companies come from a skilled, experienced and business-savvy SEO consultant willing to learn about the nuances of your business, industry, and market. While traditional search engine optimization best practices, strategies and tactics apply to enterprise businesses, the research, discovery, implementation, and execution are entirely different beasts. The stakes are also far higher.

Unless already an expert in your business or industry, the SEO auditor must gain a strong understanding of your enterprise to provide maximum value, especially when it comes to things like keyword research and competitive analysis.

An enterprise SEO audit isn’t something large organizations or corporations can afford to take lightly. There are no shortcuts with search engine optimization, so don’t base your enterprise SEO strategy from an SEO audit checklist you found on the web. Millions of dollars or more are at stake with search engine optimization for businesses looking to compete at the enterprise level. At this level, most of your competition has likely invested heavily in search engine marketing tactics like SEO and PPC for over a decade.

For some businesses, simply outranking competitors in search engines like Google is enough to claim a dominant market share. In 2022, where a business ranks on Google can make or break the company. After conducting an enterprise SEO audit, you will gain an understanding of what types of enterprise SEO services make the most sense for your organization.

What is an Enterprise SEO Audit?

An SEO audit analyzes all aspects of a website’s ability to rank in organic search engines like Google. At the enterprise level, you must be even more meticulous. A comprehensive enterprise SEO audit requires diving deep into on-site and off-site SEO factors, including technical performance, backlink profile, plus competitor performance. An enterprise SEO audit will leave no stone unturned in discovering potential issues that could be hindering the website’s ability to rank for the most lucrative/qualified search terms available for the business.

For any business, an SEO audit should approximate the value of all potential organic search traffic your enterprise website could be getting organically from SEO, assuming your key pages ranked in the top positions for the most qualified, high-volume keywords. Once you understand the value of ranking #1 for your target keywords, you can better estimate a budget and allocate the appropriate resources to accomplish your goal. It will also help prioritize and budget your tasks while ensuring a positive ROI from SEO as a marketing channel.

An enterprise SEO audit aims to determine how a business can best utilize SEO as a marketing channel. It should help determine what a successful SEO campaign would look like for the current website and outline the scope of the resources needed. An enterprise SEO audit must also consider the overall competitiveness of the industry. The audit should identify all strengths and weaknesses of the website that affect organic visibility. A well-executed SEO audit can serve as a punch list of task ideas and be used to develop, support, or execute an active enterprise SEO strategy for your organization.

Different Types of Enterprise SEO Audits

There are no hard-and-fast rules or predefined types of enterprise SEO audits. Instead, an enterprise SEO auditor will base the audit on the scope or budget of the project itself. For example, it could take an experienced SEO consultant several hours or more of investigation to get a pulse on a large company’s organic visibility and identify how long a thorough enterprise SEO audit would take for that particular organization.

Tools and Software are Used in Enterprise SEO Audits

SEO Industry Tools:

Google Search Console and Google Analytics are the best place to start for an enterprise-level SEO audit. SEO tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush will also crawl and audit your website.

Dedicated Website Crawlers:

Tasks Performed In an Enterprise SEO Audit

The tasks included in an enterprise SEO audit depend on the scope of the audit itself and the business, and consider any existing SEO strategy. Sure, enterprise-level organizations tend to have large, unnecessarily complicated websites with hundreds or thousands of unique pages, but that doesn’t mean every SEO audit has to be comprehensive to be worthwhile.

First, your business must determine an appropriate scope for your enterprise’s SEO audit project. Your company has decided that SEO is worth pursuing and needs to determine the initial investment necessary to begin the discovery phase.

A professional and thorough enterprise SEO audit will cover all SEO bases, including:

  • Keyword Strategy, Execution, & Content Value
  • On-Page SEO elements (titles, headers, internal linking, anchor text, etc.)
  • Website structure, URL hierarchy and naming convention technical SEO Factors (indexation, crawlability, code, mobile-friendliness, sitemap, robots.txt)
  • Website Speed, Performance & Security
  • External Backlink Link Profile
  • Social Media Utilization
  • CRO
  • Image & Content Delivery
  • Integrations & SEO Impact



Keyword strategy, execution, and content quality

Which keywords your business targets, and the on-page placement and strategic incorporation of those keywords in content, metadata and other places play a prominent role in your website’s organic visibility and organic traffic. An enterprise SEO audit will determine what keywords are currently being targeted and how well your enterprise website is optimized for those keywords. It will also determine if there are more appropriate or lucrative keywords that make more sense for your business to target.

When it comes to keywords for your business, think:

  • Relevance: Would the content on the page you want to rank for the targeted keyword satisfy the search query?
  • Volume: Is there a similar keyword that gets searched more frequently than could be targeted instead?
  • Search Intent: Does the keyword somehow indicate that the searcher would be more likely to become a qualified lead or complete the desired action on your website?
  • Attainability: How difficult would it be to rank in the top 3 of Google for this keyword?
  • Industry Terms: Are there other keywords or ways that people might search for the same product or service specific to your industry’s products or services? For example, are product SKUs commonly searched in your niche? Then do the keyword research to identify which SKUs are most commonly searched in Google, prioritize which would be most valuable for your business, and optimize your website for those keywords.

An enterprise SEO audit will also review your content’s overall quality and organic value. This includes reviewing all of your website’s keyword rankings, featured snippets in Google, and more.

Enterprise organizations often have many informational pages, like PDFs, articles, product bulletins, blogs, etc. An effective SEO auditor will use various software and digital marketing skills to evaluate your website’s content and content strategy from an SEO perspective.


On-Page SEO elements

An enterprise SEO auditor will review your web pages and on-page SEO elements to ensure your target keywords are strategically incorporated. These include the HTML tags and title of your web pages, content headers and their formatting within the code, internal links to other pages on your site and the anchor text they employ, and much more. It is vital to ensure that all on-page SEO elements are well-optimized for the right keywords for your enterprise.

Enterprise SEO on-page example from Yoast SEO plugin

By including keywords in the title, meta description, and headers of this page, we have a direct means of letting Google know what our content is about and what keywords we expect it to rank for.

Website structure, URL hierarchy and naming conventions

Your website structure and URLs are one of the best ways to communicate to search engines and users what content they can expect to find on a given page. It is essential that your URLs are cleanly formatted, concise, and incorporate target keywords whenever logical.

However, with large scale enterprise websites, URLs are often dynamically generated. There also may be dozens of authors adding new content to your website regularly. A professional enterprise SEO auditor reviews the existing URLs and identifies how to fix mistakes and optimize dynamic URL generation for future pages.

Technical SEO Factors

An enterprise SEO audit must also review any technical factors that could affect organic visibility, including:

  • Indexation: Do Google and other search engines index your pages? What is your total percentage of indexed pages?
  • Crawlability: Can the website be crawled and digested by search engine bots from a technical perspective?
  • Content Delivery: How are images, fonts, and other assets hosted and served, and what are the SEO implications of these methods?
  • Code: Is the website code clean, well-formatted, and minified?
  • Mobile-friendliness: Is the website accessible and user-friendly across all devices and browsers?
  • Sitemap: Is the sitemap accessible and does it contain all of the pages that you want search engines to index? Is the sitemap appropriately configured and submitted to Google?
  • Server File Configuration: If a plugin doesn’t manage your 301 redirects, find them within your server’s .htaccess file or webconfig file. These configurations have big SEO implications.
  • Robots.txt: Does the robots.txt file allow and disallow the correct files, folders, and paths?



Website Speed, Performance & Security

Technical SEO factors are crucial for your enterprise website’s success. Google considers loading speed and security protocols like HTTPS in its ranking algorithm. A fast and secure website for your visitors, too. There are a variety of tools available that can help you test your website’s speed and performance, including:


An experienced SEO professional reviews the information from these tools to make intelligent decisions that strategically improve your website’s performance. They will have experience making technical improvements with your website programming languages and CMS. They will also understand what changes will have the most impact on SEO and organic visibility. This experience goes a long way in digesting the wealth of information provided in site speed tools and making intelligent, budget-focused improvements.

Since web development tasks can be costly to implement, enterprise-level organizations must be confident any website changes will positively impact SEO and the website’s organic rankings.


External Backlink Link Profile

Backlink Screenshot from Ahrefs of Google's Backlink Profile

Your enterprise-level organization will likely have earned links from hundreds or thousands of distinct domains. An enterprise SEO audit will thoroughly examine all backlinks on the web that point to your website. It will especially consider:

  • Overall Authority of Your Domain: The combined quantity, relevance, and authority of other domains linking to your website and/or to competitor websites. All of the major SEO tools provide a proprietary metric that evaluates your domain’s authority.
  • Anchor text usage: What clickable words do external websites use when linking to various pages and existing content within your website?
  • Broken Inbound Links / 404 pages
  • Negative SEO/ Spammy Links: Just as good links can help you, bad links can be potentially hurtful. Google created a disavow tool to allow you to tell them which links you want them to “count” and which you don’t. The tool is typically only necessary in extreme circumstances or if you think a competitor is actively trying to perform “negative SEO” on your site.



Social Media Utilization

Enterprise SEO & Social Media UPS Facebook Example

How your business chooses to utilize social media has SEO ramifications. Google and other search engines pay attention to your social media presence, followers, and engagement. If applicable, your Google Business profile is especially valuable for SEO.

The best social media marketing and SEO strategies are aligned to work together and maximize the impact of each.

For example, running a social media contest that helps your business earn backlinks would have far-reaching social media and SEO impact.

An enterprise SEO audit will review all of your social media profiles, examine how they relate to the website, and determine the strengths and weaknesses of your social media utilization as it pertains to organic search engine visibility.


UX, UI, & Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Services

While true user experience design and user interface design require separate, focused audits, an SEO audit should still review the user experience of the website and study analytical data like user flow charts and behavioral patterns. These can provide invaluable insights into CRO and other website improvements, especially those that would have positive SEO effects.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) involves studying your visitors’ behavior and reviewing website data to make website changes aimed at improving the website’s conversion rate. While CRO isn’t directly related to SEO, there are many indirect relations that make CRO opportunities worth noting in an enterprise SEO audit:

  • Changes implemented as part of a CRO strategy need to consider SEO best practices. For example, if you’re adding inventory levels on a page to improve conversions, you’ll want to mark that up with structured data for SEO purposes.
  • CRO will improve user experience and bounce rate, typically with indirect SEO benefits.



Managing Web Assets: Image & Content Delivery

Great photography is a crucial component of a professionally designed website, but image files must be optimized for search engines to maximize their SEO value. Everything from the name of the image to the size of an image file will have an SEO impact. If you rely on a 3rd party to host your photos or other files, you may need to ensure the platform keeps you in control of your assets and how they are delivered.

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) are external services that allow a website to host files like videos, images, fonts, java scripts, and more on a separate server. There are advantages and disadvantages to handling image and content delivery regardless of which methods you choose.

An experienced enterprise SEO auditor will have experience working with various CDN and will know the strengths and weaknesses of your website’s server, web languages, and platform/CMS. They will review how your website handles content and asset delivery to identify technical strengths and weaknesses, and compare your performance to your competitors.



Integration Assessment

Enterprise organizations must ensure that their business applications and web properties integrate seamlessly. Modern businesses leverage cloud-based services for CRM and ERP, many boasting built-in SEO features. But the way these various applications are configured and connected can have SEO ramifications. Things to consider:

    • Integration with ERP should be done with SEO in mind. Read our ERP integration guide for eCommerce sites.
    • Canonical tags are necessary to avoid duplicate content issues.
    • For eCommerce enterprises, databases are strategically programmed to ensure all pertinent product attributes are available to generate dynamic structured data / Schema markup or other structured data.
    • Review all web page templates, especially those generated by any integrated business applications, and align with SEO best practices. Dynamically-generated content is more valuable when primed for digestion by search engines.
    • Block any subdomains or unnecessary sections that you don’t want in Google’s index in your Robots.txt file or with other web development services.



Enterprise SEO Pricing & Cost

Enterprise SEO costs range from $5,000 – $25,000+ per month and will depend on the needs of your business and the competitiveness of your industry. Enterprise SEO services utilize highly-skilled labor from various experts, including SEM & SEO strategists, specialists, and web development consultants. Learn more about standard SEO pricing models and costs.



Enterprise SEO Audit Frequency

Conducting a thorough SEO audit for your enterprise is only the beginning. It’s best to do a basic SEO audit monthly and a comprehensive audit several times per year. New content and developmental changes are made almost daily with a large website. It’s equally important to continue to monitor the website and its performance in search engines.

Many enterprise-level organizations have systems in place to monitor SEO performance in real-time. Most organizations partner with an SEO agency or have an in-house SEO team to accomplish this.

Unfortunately, most enterprises that do their own SEO lack the expertise of an established SEO agency and end up leaving money on the table.

OuterBox worries about our enterprise clients’ search engine rankings so that the business can get back to doing what it does best. We create custom reporting dashboards for our enterprise clients that enable real-time SEO campaign monitoring. We publish monthly, quarterly, and annual reports detailing our accomplishments and results.

We utilize software to protect our clients from algorithm updates and search rankings losses. If a minor SEO hiccup occurs with your search results, we notice it and swiftly take action.

Choosing the right SEO agency for your enterprise will ensure that any SEO issues will be identified quickly and handled.

Since 2004, OuterBox has provided professional SEO audit services to hundreds of businesses across the country. From B2B SEO to eCommerce SEO, we have unrivaled experience crafting custom digital business solutions for enterprise organizations.

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