Safe Link Building Techniques for Your Website

Any good SEO expert will tell you that link building is an essential part of your online marketing strategy – when done safely and within Google’s guidelines. As with any other online marketing technique, it will depend largely on your industry because while social media works well for showing off apparel, a manufacturing company may find more success creating an infographic.

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Another thing to keep in mind when link building is the risk-level of each technique. Thanks to Google’s algorithm updates, spammy, high-risk links are poorly valued and highly penalized. To make sure your site isn’t getting hit by algorithm updates, here are five safe link building strategies that you can adopt:

  1. Infographics: Although this visual medium isn’t as valuable as it used to be, infographics are extremely shareable and by their very nature—attention grabbing. Infographics serve as a great reminder that like all SEO strategies, they are effective when useful to searchers—not for simply existing.
  2. Social Media: Even though most businesses realize that social media is an important aspect of a website’s success, many aren’t taking advantage of these platforms. Every business should be concerned with maintaining and growing their brand’s visibility, so use these additional opportunities for people to find your site and convert.You can share your website’s blog and other content on Facebook and LinkedIn to promote the content and to earn links and conversions. If you are a B2B company, a professional site like LinkedIn can generate leads, connections and authority. Social media sites like Twitter are a very effective way to generate buzz and this buzz equates to links.

    Not sure where to start? Here are some things you can do right now:

    Post your product and blog links to the LinkedIn groups you’re a member of (if you’re not a member of any groups you need to start on this!)

    Submit your posts to large forums that relate to the topic being discussed. Remember, forums and social platforms are all about creating communities.

    When tweeting, mention product manufacturers and other relevant parties in your tweet to grab their attention. If they have a good social media team, they will often engage with you, which means their followers will notice you.

    Since Facebook updates that feature images engage consumers 120% more than just using text, use pictures with links back to your website on image-centric Facebook.

  3. Ask: When you are mentioning industry leaders on social media or the website, let them know! Usually they will be flattered and share the link because this adds authority to their brand and website.You can work up to this by first asking people who are very familiar with your company to share the content on their blogs. These connections may be the base for these shares. Eventually, you won’t even have to ask—people will want to be the first ones to blog about your news and services.
  4. Interviews and Conferences: Like our other strategies, interviews and industry conferences affirm your authority and trust value to customers and you’re probably already doing both of these already!The next time you are interviewed or on a panel for a conference, make sure that whoever is writing the content links to your site for easy backlinks. In addition, you can further develop this opportunity by mentioning the interview on social media with a link to the site and/or making a blog post about the event on your site and linking it to your social platforms. I often see thought leaders live-tweeting events that they are at and this is something that you could easily adopt while promoting your brand in person.
  5. Newsletter Links: Gaining links from your newsletters starts with compelling content that customers will want to read and share. Be sure to have enticing content and their links in your company newsletters you send to customers.

These five techniques are exactly the type of naturally occurring links that search engines favor, so start utilizing them as soon as possible to improve your website’s rankings. Combine these tactics with your current content marketing and link building strategies and soon you’ll be dominating the search engines!

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