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The Best SEO Courses & Online Training Programs To Learn SEO

Best SEO Training Courses Online

You can’t learn SEO just anywhere, and while there are many SEO courses online, not all of them are equal.

In this guide we’ll review the best SEO courses and online training programs available to help you grow your SEO skills and take your website to the top of the Google rankings.

First, let’s look at the two main reason people are usually interested in SEO courses.

You’re a Business Owner Looking To Boost SEO – As a business owner you be may want to learn SEO yourself instead of hiring an SEO company. If they have the time to learn the craft, there’s nothing wrong with this. It can be a huge money saver and you can devote as much time as you’d like to moving your website rankings to the top of Google and the other major search engines. You may also want to purchase SEO courses for internal marketing positions, helping them to get even better and utilize the latest and great SEO trends. This can give them a boost and provide your staff with new ideas.

You’re Looking To Grow Your SEO Career – If you want a career in SEO, first you need to learn the skills. Taking an SEO course is a great way to learn not only the basics, but also advanced strategies. After the courses you’ll be prepared to interview with SEO agencies and can demand a higher salary. Knowledge is power!

OuterBox Best SEO Courses

OuterBox SEO University

It’s not often that an SEO industry leader is willing to share their secrets, but at OuterBox, that’s exactly what what we did. Why? With the boom in eCommerce and digital marketing we’re only be able to on a small fraction of the clients that want to work with us, but we still want to be able to help online businesses grow. We decided to created OuterBox University to teach website owners how to rank at the top of Google utilizing the latest and great in SEO strategies. The SEO course comes with 100+ guided videos courses, downloadable documents, access to the OuterBox staff, live weekly QA sessions, a members forum and more.

OuterBox University ranges from $499-$999 depending on the plan you choose.

SEMrush SEO Training Course

Semrush Academy

Semrush is a provider of one of the most popular SEO tools available, allowing SEO insight into keywords, site metrics, and more. As a leader in the SEO software industry, they’ve developed Semrush Academy to teach SEO basics. The courses are a great place to start and are free as well – always a bonus. The courses do speak directly to using Semrush and how you can incorporate their software into your campaigns, as you’d image they would. If you know specifically what you’re looking to learn to can browse the courses and learn more on the topic.

Hubspot SEO Training

Hubspot Academy

If you want to learn more about content marketing, the Hubspot SEO training course is a great place to start. It’s a fairly basic course, consisting of 15 videos and 2 quizzes, but you’ll gain some valuable insights. You’ll learn how to build quality content, build up backlinks, and use some of the same strategies that Hubspot uses on their own blog. As a leader in the digital marketing space, you can trust Hubspot to provide quality content. The entire course is only an hour long, so you don’t have much to lose!

SEO Ranking Positions

Traffic Think Tank

Definitely one of the more unique SEO training programs available, Traffic Think Tank is a what they call an SEO accelerator. Not only can you learn SEO, but you can network and become part of the SEO community. Their program is geared towards SEO professionals looking to keep their skills sharp and learn from other like-minded individuals. You can also talk with other SEOs and ask questions, which can be helpful in determining which way to go with a strategy. Their online interface is slick, providing one of the more modern user experiences. pricing ranges from $99 to $119 a month and includes 200+ hours of training content, Q&A sessions, member forums and more.

SEO Ranking Positions

Moz SEO Academy

Moz is known as a leader in SEO knowledge, so its great they put together an online training program. There are many different types of classes around some of the most popular SEO topics such as keyword research, complete website audits, link building strategies and more. Their programs and offerings vary and you can spend anywhere from $99 to $595 depending on what you need. They’ll even develop a customized course to help train your internal staff. It’s definitely a good option to consider.

Yoast SEO Training

While Yoast is best known for its SEO WordPress plugin, it also offers its own SEO training for those who want to take their skills to the next level. Their course is great for learning the basics of SEO, with an extra focus on SEO for WordPress and how to get the most out of their plugin. Yoast offers a free version of their course and also a premium version for just $74.76/year.

Detailed SEO Blueprint

Detailed SEO Blueprint is ideal for someone who wants to gain advanced SEO skills. With over 150 videos covering a variety of SEO-related topics like link building, technical SEO, and more, Detailed SEO Blueprint has been used by major brands across the web. The course is only available once a quarter but you can join their waitlist to ensure that you are notified when the next session opens.

SEO That Works

Created by Backlinko, SEO That Works offers in-depth link building and content creation strategies. Compared to other courses, it is not the cheapest but it’s packed full with tons of valuable information. Used by students across 51 countries and dozens of industries, SEO That Works only offers enrollment once or twice per year so you’ll likely have to join their waiting list to reserve your spot.

MarketMotive Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Certification Training

With more than 30 hours of self-paced video training, MarketMotive’s SEO certification program is one of the most comprehensive programs out there. The course covers everything from keyword management to on-page and off-page optimizations, to analytics and tracking. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to leverage SEO to enhance their website’s user experience.  MarketMotive has two program options: the self-paced learning program ($599) or its online bootcamp ($999).

Distilled U

Distilled U is great for learning the SEO basics. Offering more than 133 hours of video content, Distilled U lets you learn at your own pace. You can try out their first three modules for free and then it’s only $30 per month if you sign up for a monthly plan or $24.75 per month if you go with an annual plan.


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