Wordpress Pricing: How Much Does It Cost to Build and Design a Wordpress Website?

Author Justin Smith
by Justin Smith, OuterBox CEO
June 6, 2021

So, you're looking to build a Wordpress website and want to know how much Wordpress website design services will cost.

Wordpress is a widely used platform. In fact around 70% of all website are powered by Wordpress.

How does this affect pricing? There are a ton of companies that offer Wordpress website design services and in a wide array of options.

It's important to know what you're getting into because not all Wordpress website are the same. That's very important to know. Depending on who builds the website, what plug-ins they use and how they plan to support it, you could end up with a very different product from one agency to the next.

Will Wordpress Design and Develop Your Website?

Wordpress is simply the software that powers the website. Wordpress offers paid plans, upgrades and more, but they do not design, program and customize your website for you. For that you'll need a Wordpress website design company to help out. There are website that list out some of the best Wordpress developers, but for the most part those are paid positions so really the best place to find someone to build the site to do a Google search.

Wordpress Website Design Pricing

If we're looking at the basics, Wordpress can will usually run you about $15-$50 per month in ongoing costs. This is simply for your domain, hosting, SSL and other essentials. You'll also want to consider the following additions:

  • Custom Design: If you hire an agency the cost can vary, but usually range anywhere from $1,000-$10,000 for design.
  • Custom Development: If you need custom programming, unique features, data integrations or more these can start at a few thousands dollars and easily be $25,000+ if you need extensive development.
  • Plug-Ins: Wordpress is great because it has a lot of well made plug-ins. Each plug-in has its own fee and pricing structure, but they are usually fairly cheap on a monthly basis.
  • Marketing: If you want to rank high in the search engines and drive leads or sales you'll need paid search marketing or Wordpress SEO services. Depending on the type of agency you hire (overseas or US based) you can pay anywhere between $250-$5000 per month on average.
  • Hosting: 95% of Wordpress website are spending under $20 per month for hosting. If you have a large website and need dedicated hosting these fees could be up to $400 per month.
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Wordpress Agency Pricing (US vs Overseas Outsourced)

Wordpress is known for its large pool of developers. There are developers all over the world and some charge $5 an hour while others, typically in the USA, will charge $150. What's the difference? It really comes down to how they'll put the website together. Often a bunch of plug-ins can create problems. One plug-ins doesn't work with another, they are not updated and things break. If your developer simply load up a bunch of plug-ins for you chances are you won't be very happy with your Wordpress website. Also, communicating with your agency is something to consider. If you're an established business and your website is very important to you, you'll want to hire a US based Wordpress agency that can support your need, communicate with you clearly and make sure you don't run into issues. We've seen far to many Wordpress projects is disarray that need rebuilt or heavily modified so that they could perform as intended.

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