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eCommerce Website Redesign Process and Steps

eCommerce Website Redesign Process

Just like the latest technology advancements, website design is constantly evolving. What was cutting edge just a few years ago is quickly outdated because of innovations in technology and design. And your customers will notice. A website that isn’t as user-friendly or functional as your competitors will impact sales. The website redesign process is essential to keep your storefront up to date and working its best for you and your customers.

The eCommerce Website Redesign Process Includes:

  • Creating a new look/design
  • Determining a content migration plan
  • Planning for new content/pages
  • Structured data
  • Data migration (current orders, products, customers, passwords)
  • Transfer SEO (titles, links, etc.)
  • 301 Redirects for new URLs
  • Integrate Google Analytics
  • Testing and QA
  • New host configuration
  • Launch and test
  • Start on-going eCommerce SEO

What To Consider When It’s Time to Redesign Your eCommerce Website

Aside from improving both design and functionality, your company and web design company will also need to consider current technical and marketing elements. These can range from current hosting platforms to search engine rankings you don’t want to lose. When a redesign is done correctly, it will boost sales. If you don’t redesign your website regularly, your brand and sales tool will be out-of-date, and conversion rates will likely dwindle.

Redesign Your Website While Maintaining SEO Rankings

When redesigning a high-ranking website, one of the main questions people ask is, “will we lose our search engine rankings?” As you know, obtaining rankings takes considerable time, and the last thing anyone wants to do is throw them away and start over — or upset Google. Proper technical elements such as 301 redirect and site maps should be in place to ensure Google understands where your new pages are and which new pages have replaced old onesIf a website redesign is done incorrectly, you’ll usually see a significant organic traffic dip, followed by a slow crawl back as more effort is put into SEO.

It only makes sense that Google will not penalize you for redesigning your website. Website redesign is a natural evolution that is necessary as technology progresses. We already know that Google prefers fresh content, and the same propensity applies to websites. When your website redesign is done right, Google should naturally reward you for having a user-friendly, modern, clean-coded website. Often, you’ll see search engine rankings jump up within weeks.

Redesign Your eCommerce Website With Customers in Mind

Listening to your customers is one of the most important things you can do. What elements do site visitors complain about? Does the site structure include cumbersome or confusing navigation? Are there eCommerce features you are lacking? It’s critical to address these issues in the redesign because enhanced UX increases conversions.

You also should consider your competitors — what does their site have that yours doesn’t? How can you improve upon what they are doing? Remember, you aren’t required to figure out the solutions — this is where your web design company comes in. At OuterBox, we talk to clients about their previous experiences and concerns and create solutions to optimize UX, improve efficiencies and boost revenue.

Hosting Options to Boost Sales

If the web company you’re working with suggests making changes to your hosting to take advantage of different technologies that will benefit you, don’t let the fear of switching hold you back. Switching hosts doesn’t negatively impact search engine rankings. But if you’re happy with your hosting and it isn’t necessary, don’t feel pressured to make a change. Be sure to let your eCommerce developers know what you currently have so that you can come up with the best plan.

Make the Online Ordering Process Easy

No matter what you’re selling, if you own an eCommerce website, the front end (the side the visitors see) is of utmost importance. Creating the best eCommerce ordering system in your industry will give your company an edge. It comes down to one point — make ordering easy. Including single-page checkout systems, following best practices for form design and offering multiple payment options creates a user-friendly experience that will convert site visits into sales. Design your website ordering experience, so it’s better than all of your competitors by implementing these key features to ensure that the sales process runs smoothly.

Transferring Your Website Data

Did you know that expansive databases are behind high-performing eCommerce websites with extensive features and targeting sorting options? To learn more about the importance of your data, please read The Importance of Databases and Data for Powering an eCommerce Website. We highly recommend it! Without proper data structuring, an eCommerce website can’t perform with the features and functionality you need to succeed.

We’d like to chat about how to transform your eCommerce website into an industry-leading sales tool — talk with an OuterBox website design consultant to discuss your website redesign today.

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