6 Automotive SEO Tips & Marketing Ideas To Drive Auto Parts Sales

The automotive market has continued to become more competitive as the industry’s presence has grown online. Automotive SEO can set your site apart from the rest of the industry by helping you achieve the best search rankings and reach your intended customer.

Below are some of the best automotive SEO tips for improving your search presence in the competitive auto parts marketplace.

1. Use Dynamic SEO for Large Quantities of Auto Parts

Do you offer a huge variety of auto parts for sale in your online store and want results fast? Realistically, SEO for auto parts websites will take too long to complete if you go page by page, optimizing for every product. Not to mention the fact that your inventory is always changing, and you are likely adding new parts to your store all the time. While it should be a long-term goal for the best results, individual auto part SEO will take too much time for those looking to boost their rankings quickly.

The solution for fast automotive SEO is dynamic tagging for your page titles, meta descriptions, and other SEO elements. With dynamic tags, you can automatically pull in the category/product names into the page title and meta description. These auto-populated page titles, meta descriptions, etc., make it significantly more efficient to optimize every category and product page on your site.

Online auto parts stores not utilizing dynamic tagging usually have short, or non-existent, page titles and meta descriptions. This can cause pages to render lower in the search results. Using dynamic tags provides unique SEO content for auto parts throughout your entire inventory, and gives each product separate keyword value in search results. Adding dynamic SEO tags can have an immediate impact on your search rankings and will also help your site gain authority in the industry for more organic traffic down the line.

Depending in the type of SEO package, plan or services you sign up for with an agency, you can also utilize press release optimization, content development and other SEO strategies to grow your overall domain authority.

2. Optimize For Auto Part Number

Not every user searching for auto parts knows the name of the part that they need replaced or searches for the part they need in the same way. However, almost every part of an automobile will have a part number. Thus, SEO for auto part numbers is critical for anyone selling automotive parts online.

When you optimize for auto parts, you should first check to see if that part number has significant search volume. There are a variety of tools on the web that can pull this data as well as supply longer tailed keywords that use that part number. These combinations can capture a much wider net of searchers looking for the same part that you’re selling in your inventory.

SEO for Automotive Part Numbers

Ranking for your most popular automotive part numbers will drive traffic and conversions.

3. SEO for Auto Parts Should Include Vehicle Makes and Models

Instead of searching only for auto part names and numbers, users are more likely to search for more specific long-tailed terms that include the make and model of their vehicle. For example, someone looking to replace their brake pads and rotors will more than likely not find the result they’re looking for if they use the broad terms “brake pads” and “rotors.” They will instead search for terms like “2007 Toyota Camry brake pads and rotors” or a phrase specific to whatever vehicle they own.

Optimizing page titles and content for variations of terms with high-volume, long-tailed keywords is an essential part to automotive SEO. To quickly gain traction in search results, use keyword research to find the highest-volume keywords specific to individual vehicles, and optimize for those first.

SEO for Automotive Part Numbers

Be sure to include make, model and year keywords on category and product pages.

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4. Include Compatible Parts for Automotive SEO Marketing

Those searching for auto parts have already taken a step toward making the purchase on their own, separate from a mechanic or dealership. That’s a sign that these users don’t necessarily need the exact same part that came with their vehicle, as long as they can find compatible auto parts to get their vehicle up and running again with little to no outside help. If your inventory includes the exact part needed, that’s perfect. However, if that part is out of stock or no longer carried in your store, that user will be searching for another option.

You’ve already completed the hardest part of earning that customer’s business, which is getting them to click through to your site. The last thing you want is for them to leave your site without finding what they need and then go to your competitor to purchase the part.

Instead, give the customer the option to purchase similar, compatible parts. Include these links with images of your compatible or similar products within the details of the page. The benefits of this are two-fold because not only are you giving a customer a reason to stay on the site and purchase, but you are also further boosting your page authority through internal linking.

Maybe the part isn’t made by the same brand as the vehicle they own but fits the model as a compatible replacement. Perhaps you sell replica or aftermarket auto parts that fit a variety of different car models. In both of these cases, it is essential to include compatible parts and what car models the part fits within the specifications of the product page. When these pages become indexed in search, you could potentially rank for terms related to these specific vehicle makes and models just from mentioning them in the content of the page.

5. Make Detailed Specifications Part of Your Auto Part SEO

No matter how reassuring your H1 title and content are, many users will still jump straight to the list of specs to ensure the part is an exact match or compatible with the part they are replacing. Accurate and detailed part specifications are essential parts of automotive SEO because they give the user complete buying confidence.

Furthermore, if a customer is looking to save money by purchasing a compatible replica or aftermarket part, they may also search for parts that have similar specifications. By including these detailed specifications on each page, you can also put your store in the best position obtain this segment of organic searchers as well.

Including detailed specifications can also be a way to maximize SEO for auto parts through Google’s featured snippets. With effective optimization of the “Specifications” section of your page, these details are more likely to appear in search results as a featured snippet, which is listed above all the other organic search results, including your competitors’.

SEO for Automotive Part Numbers

Detailed part specifications should be optimized using schema.

6. Ensure Fast Page Load Speed for the Best Automotive SEO Results

More often than not, someone seeking auto parts is on the go and using their mobile phone to search for the parts they need. That makes having a fast page load speed critical to your user experience and your mobile search rankings.

Google recently announced that page speed will become a critical rank factor when it comes to mobile search starting in July 2018. This algorithm update can severely hurt the rankings of any auto part websites with extremely slow page load speeds. Conversely, those currently ranking further down in search results have a high potential to see a lift in their rankings if their mobile experience complies with Google’s standards.

Even without Google’s algorithm update, a faster page load can dramatically improve your on-site user experience. For the average person, shopping for auto parts online is a stressful experience. Something is likely wrong with their vehicle, and the last thing you want to do is make your potential purchasers wait for a slow site to load.

According to a recent article published by Google, 53% of all mobile site visitors will leave a page if the load time is longer than 3 seconds. Without taking the necessary steps to update your site’s page load speed, you could potentially lose over half of your business to competitors. Plus, with people leaving your pages right away, the bounce rate increases, which gets the pages devalued in the search results as well.

Many different site speed tools can help audit your site for any site speed issues. Through technical automotive seo techniques, you can fix these issues and make your site speed more desirable for user experience and search engine results.

SEO for Automotive Part Numbers

Your website's speed will impact your rankings. Use Google's tool to test and optimize.

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