eCommerce Content Management Systems For Your e-Commerce Website

The ability to easily update, add to and manage your eCommerce online store is a necessity for a successful and profitable website. OuterBox includes in each online store an administration content management system allowing you to not only manage products and orders, but customers, promotions, newsletters and much more. Running your website should be simple and that’s our goal with each project.

Multiple eCommerce platforms and CMS’s are available, from Onveos (another one of our brands) to Magento, a popular platform. No matter what platform we work with, we always develop in a way that allows our clients to manage as much content as possible.

eCommerce CMS dashboard

Above: Screenshot of the Onveos eCommerce CMS dashboard.

The ability to manage navigation and basic content pages is also an important feature.

Many clients are looking to develop custom features in the eCommerce administration, such as ERP integrations or customized shipping tools. With an open-source platform you have the ability to add custom features and scale as necessary. It’s important never to be stuck with a platform that is not customizable. Remember, as your business grows, so do your needs.

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