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5 Powerful Website Visitor Tracking Softwares

Author Jen Kinney
by Jen Kinney
Updated July 14, 2018

Whether you own a lead generation website or an eCommerce website, it is essential to be able to track how many visitors your site gets and see what they do.

This information can guide site redesign, inform interaction with potential leads and show whether or not your site optimization efforts are working. While Google Analytics has been and continues to be one of the most powerful forces in giving insight to visitor stats and numbers, a number of additional software programs have been developed to make your glimpse of site visitation a detailed, holistic and real-time view. Utilizing site visitor tracking software can be a great companion to Google Analytics to see information such as visitor numbers, average time spent on site, mouse heat maps and bounce rates in real time as opposed to retrospectively. Below are 5 of these additional website visitor tracking software programs that could be pivotal to enhancing your website conversion rate and increasing overall profit.

Hit Sniffer

Hit Sniffer

This suite of powerful tools allows features such as real-time visitor statistics, visitor tagging, keyword searches that lead visitors to your site, landing page stats, social media page monitoring, site referrals and last page viewed statistics for individual visitors. All of this can be a useful tool in diagnosing problems - but what about handling issues on the spot as they happen? To answer this issue, HitSniffer has the added feature of giving your site a live chat support feature to interact with your visitors immediately when they have an issue. This is only a small sampling of features HitSniffer can bring to your data-driven conversion rate optimization efforts and any level of user can use the entire suite. With packages starting at $5.99 a month, HitSniffer is an affordable tool to gain invaluable insights in how you can raise ROI and build a bigger customer base.

Whos On

Who's On

Analyze user experience in real time with WhosOn to create a better experience and better conversion potential. Engage with both domestic and international visitors utilizing their live online chat feature with available auto-translation. Be proactive in converting visitors by either manually targeting a real-time visitor for online chat or set triggers to prompt a visitor to chat. Pair the powerful chat engine of WhosOn with analytic tools such as identification of new visitors vs. existing customers, real time visitor statistics, page error warnings, and over 80 different report downloading options to make the necessary changes to your site in order to optimize user experience and engagement

Act On


Take the guesswork out of anonymous site visitors with Act-On. With the Website Prospector feature, research prospective buyer’s site history, downloaded content, search items, and page exit information. If you know a particular visitors information, set real time alerts to let you know when they are engaging with your site. But what about the 97% of site visitors you get that you don’t know? Gain valuable contact information about visitors with Act-On’s contact lookup tools. Using either IP information or LinkedIn, WhosOn can search anonymous visitor’s name and business connection. With these powerful features and their easy to understand analytics reports, WhosOn is a great companion to traditional website analytic tools to understand where your traffic comes from and how to connect with them.

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Make real time visitor statistics easy with Clicky’s tracking program. Click on individual visitors on Clicky’s easy-to-use dashboard to track history and page navigation. One of the key features Clicky offers is its ability to show individual and segmented visitors heat maps. This allows you to analyze your site’s performance as it pertains to structure, design and opt-in form design. Clicky also provides a website downtime alert feature to keep you aware of when you website has crashed in order to react effectively and in a timely manner. Lastly, keep up to date with your business’ attention on social media with Clicky’s Twitter analytics feature. Receive alerts when your business’ page receives a mention to quickly respond and interact to try and convert.

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Visitor Track

If simple, easy to access, real time visitor statistics is what you are looking for; VisitorTrack is a great solution for you. This easy to read and use visitor tracking program allows you to see individuals and companies that visit your site, identify when and where fill-in-forms are abandoned, track page viewing length for individual visitors, view PPC and organic search referrals, and see statistics for website revisits. Through a partnership with ZoomInfo, VisitorTrack also allows you to turn anonymous visitors into known customer prospects. Make information money with the valuable information VisitorTrack can provide about your site’s visitors and their behaviors.

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