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At OuterBox we've been working with Wordpress for over 14 years and have experience in Wordpress design, development and marketing. Wordpress can be a great solution for your content based website and also other CMS options do exist. Our experts will help you put together a development plan and also discuss other platform suggestions. Our goal is to be sure your website, no matter the platform, is built on a CMS that will allow you to grow based on your needs into the future.

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No matter the CMS, we're experienced building website that are easy to use and easy for your to manage.

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Based on your needs and requirements we'll help you to identify if Wordpress is the best choice for your website.

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About The Wordpress Platform

At OuterBox we have a full in-house of Wordpress dedicated designers and developers. If you're looking for Wordpress search engine optimization (SEO), we have extensive digital marketing team skilled in Wordpress. Wordpress is a PHP based content management system and is one of the most popular CMS platforms in the world. Wordpress has pros and cons, like many content management systems do, and we can help you to determine if it is the best fit for your project. We often use Wordpress for content sites but often opt to use a different platform for eCommerce websites. Wordpress is currently powering more than 12,000,000 websites worldwide.


The Wordpress Website Development Process

As a successful agency, it's important to know more than the Wordpress platform, it's important to have a solid process for developing Wordpress website, or any website for that matter. The success of a website lies in the planning, not just the technical expertise. At OuterBox we'll take you through an initial scope and discovery phase to identify the key features, functionality and user experience you need. After determining what you need we can outlined in a detailed proposal how we will technically accomplish your needs. We will also take you through a content migration plan to be sure your content is set up correctly to rank on Google and the other major search engines. Talk with us today to make your Wordpress website development process a huge success.


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