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How a Shopify SEO Expert Can Grow Your Organic Website Traffic

What Does Shopify SEO Entail?

Shopify SEO is all about optimizing an eCommerce website on the Shopify platform for better search engine visibility and traffic. Simply, it’s about helping online businesses rank higher in SERPs so they can attract more potential customers and increase their sales. This involves a variety of techniques, but the specific strategies differ depending on the needs of the business and the competitive landscape of their industry.

While the strategies and scope of a project can vary, Shopify SEO is important for all eCommerce businesses that utilize the platform. By optimizing their website for search engines, Shopify SEO experts can help companies stay competitive in today’s crowded online marketplace.

Shopify SEO Experts Case Study

Above is an example of a Shopify website that increased organic traffic from only a few thousand visits to over 125,000 visits per month.

5 Ways a Shopify SEO Expert Will Grow Organic Traffic

You need website traffic if you’re trying to increase sales in your Shopify store. There’s no way around it. With a combination of on-page, off-page and technical SEO, here are five effective ways a Shopify SEO expert can optimize your website to attract more organic traffic and drive sales.

1. Conducting Keyword Research & Optimization

An expert’s key focus will be conducting thorough keyword research to identify the search terms and phrases that your target audience is using — which may not always be readily apparent to you (i.e., they’ll come up with better keywords than you could on your own). Then they will optimize your website’s content, including product descriptions and metadata (more on that next), to include these keywords naturally and effectively. By starting with your most important product pages first, they will be able to start driving traffic to your site faster — while also growing it over time as they optimize more pages.

2. Optimizing Product Descriptions & Metadata

Going off of the last point, a Shopify SEO expert will ensure that your product descriptions and metadata (page titles and meta descriptions) are optimized to include relevant keywords that accurately describe your products. This will help search engines understand your website and improve your rankings for relevant search queries.

3. Building High-Quality Backlinks

You can’t discredit the importance of backlinks — and qualified Shopify SEO experts will know how to get them. They work to build high-quality backlinks to your website from other authoritative websites in your industry. Good backlinks signal to search engines that your website is a trustworthy source of information, thereby improving your search engine rankings and pushing you past your competition.

4. Creating Content That Attracts & Engages Your Target Audience

You hear the phrase “Content is king” echoed in SEO circles for a reason. A Shopify SEO expert will help you create content that engages, informs and resonates with your target audience. This can include blog posts, product guides and other types of content that help your customers make informed decisions and build trust in your brand. This content will be unique to your brand identity to help you stand out from everyone else in your industry.

5. Optimizing Your Website’s Technical Structure & User Experience

Your website is how people know your brand — if it doesn’t function properly, potential customers will bounce. A Shopify SEO expert will ensure that your website’s technical structure is optimized for both users and search engines. This includes elements like:

  • Page speed
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • URL structure

The user experience becomes more important to Google’s algorithm with every update. A proper Shopify SEO campaign will make your website smoother — both on the page through appropriate keywords for navigation and behind the scenes through technical improvements. If users can get around with ease, Google is more likely to rank you high in SERPs.

Shopify SEO By the Numbers: Is It Really That Important?

Shopify Revenue for SEOThe importance of having a proper Shopify SEO campaign cannot be overstated. According to Shopify itself:

  • 35% of overall traffic to online stores comes from SERPs
  • 33% of overall revenue comes from that same traffic
  • Ranking on page one (preferably in the top spot) can increase daily traffic by 30%

Based on these figures, even small tweaks to optimize for SEO can yield incredible results. So, should you try to optimize your Shopify store yourself? Well, the trick is knowing what tweaks to make to your site — which is where an SEO expert comes in.


The Cost of Hiring Shopify SEO Experts: Is It Worth It?

The cost of hiring a Shopify SEO expert varies widely depending on several factors. For instance, the size of your business and the scope of the project play a big role in determining the cost. A larger company with more products and pages to optimize will generally require more work and thus cost more. Additionally, the level of expertise needed for a project will impact the cost. A simple optimization project may only require basic SEO knowledge, while more complex projects may require advanced expertise.

Despite the varying costs, hiring a Shopify SEO expert is worth the investment. As pay-per-click (PPC) and other paid advertising costs continue to rise, focusing on organic traffic is increasingly important. The cost of obtaining organic traffic through SEO is relatively low compared to the cost of paid advertising, so the return on investment (ROI) can be much higher. Hiring a Shopify SEO expert may seem daunting, but the benefits of improved search engine visibility and increased organic traffic make it worthwhile for any eCommerce business.

How Long Does It Take to See Results From Shopify SEO Efforts?

The timeframe for seeing results from Shopify SEO efforts also varies. Some businesses might see an increase in traffic and sales within a few weeks, while others might take months. The competitiveness of the industry, the starting point of the website’s current SEO status and the quality of the work done by the SEO expert can all impact the timeline for results.

Patience is key — understand that SEO is a long game, requiring continued efforts and monitoring. It’s not a quick fix, and it can take time to see the desired results. However, the benefits of effective SEO are worth the wait. Once your website is optimized and begins ranking higher in SERPs, the increase in traffic and sales can continue for years to come.

Other Benefits of Hiring a Shopify SEO Expert

Aside from growing traffic, there are many benefits of hiring a Shopify SEO expert, including:

  • Demystifies the process: While there are many tips and tricks out there, it’s hard to keep up with Google’s constantly evolving algorithm on your own. An SEO expert can help you understand the process and keep up with the changes.
  • Lets you focus on other aspects of your business: SEO can be time-consuming, and hiring an expert can free up your time to focus on other things that matter to your business.
  • Builds authority: A Shopify SEO expert can help you build authority both with Google and with your users, establishing a sense of trust and credibility for potential customers.
  • Grows your audience: Increasing traffic to your site means growing your audience. By bringing new people to your site, you can increase brand awareness and attract more attention to your business.
  • Increases conversions: Targeting the right keywords can bring more qualified traffic to your site, which is more likely to convert to sales. This means that investing in Shopify SEO can ultimately help increase your revenue and grow your business.


Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring Shopify SEO Experts

What Qualifications Should I Look For When Hiring a Shopify SEO Expert?

It’s crucial to ensure that a Shopify SEO expert has a solid reputation with a track record of success. Look for an agency with a proven history of increasing website traffic, improving search engine rankings and boosting sales for their clients. Additionally, they should have in-depth knowledge of Shopify and its SEO capabilities, as well as familiarity with current SEO best practices and algorithms. By hiring a qualified and reputable Shopify SEO expert, you can trust that your business is in good hands and that you’ll see results.

What Services Do Shopify SEO Experts Typically Offer?

Shopify SEO experts typically offer services such as:

How Can I Measure the Success of a Shopify SEO Expert’s Efforts?

You can measure a Shopify SEO expert’s success by tracking website metrics such as organic traffic, keyword rankings and conversion rates. A reputable expert will provide regular reports and analysis to show the impact of their work.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can track website traffic and user behavior, which can help you understand how your SEO efforts are driving traffic and conversions. By tracking these metrics over time, you can see the impact of your SEO efforts and adjust your strategy as needed to continue improving your results.

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