4 Reasons to Use Ecommerce Remarketing Ads

Remarketing is one of the ecommerce marketing services we offer here at OuterBox, and it’s a part of Google AdWords that we really like – and more importantly, our ecommerce clients really like.  You’ve most likely been exposed to remarketing, and probably didn’t realize it. That’s the case for most online users, and we have found it’s a great way to recapture visitors’ attention while they browse other sites.

The audience you choose to remarket your products and services to is completely up to you. By specifying specific pages, or funnels your user needs to visit, you create your audience.  Remarketing to your intended audience permits for custom campaigns with specific messages or offers that will encourage them to return to your site and complete a desired action.

eCommerce Remarketing Ad Example on the Right

On to the part that helps you…. Four reasons you should be remarketing:      

1. Abandoned Cart Remarketing: Visitors browsed through your product pages, stayed on your site for a good amount of time, and even added products to their cart, but then they abandoned the cart. If your site has good user engagement and people are making it to the check-out page without buying, there is a good chance that shipping and tax is more expensive than anticipated. Use remarketing to get that person back to convert by adding code to the check-out page and create a campaign for that audience. Through the campaign, offer various promotions such as a 5% off promo code, free shipping or a sale. This gives the previously-interested user an incentive to come back to finish their purchase.

2. Seasonal Products and Services Remarketing: So you have a seasonal product, but chances are people still research your product (and your competitor’s products) during the off-season for a future purchase.  By capturing this audience, remarketing gives you the ability to recapture them by reminding them what website they saw a product or service offered. This is great for lawn-care, wedding, tourism and other seasonal companies.

3. Cross selling products with Remarketing:  You sell a great product – and that great product has an even better accompanying product. You’re able to pin-point that buyer and offer them something that is similar, or will work in harmony with the product they previously purchased. You sold them the peanut butter, now go sell them the jelly.

4. Recurring Sales Remarketing – Increase customer loyalty and recurring purchases for your products by reminding users to come back to reorder items. This is a great way for companies that offer necessary staples for consumers and businesses alike.  If a company purchased a bulk order from your site, set up a campaign that reminds them how easy your website makes it for them to place re- orders and how great your customer service is.
Overall, Google allows you to do something pretty special with their display network through remarketing. Whether you are reminding a happy customer about your great business, or trying for a second shot to turn a visit into a conversion, remarketing grants that opportunity.

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