3 Essential Videos for eCommerce Product Listings

Ecommerce has demonstrated an explosive growth the last few years with overall sales expected to grow $4 trillion by 2020. And why not with its advantages of reaching a global market and around the clock availability.

If you’re in this eCommerce arena, there are a variety of ways to improve your site’s user experience and conversion rates. Conversion friendly design, product photos, pop-over ads, special deals, and video. 10 years ago corporate video was expensive to make and impractical to use online, but has quickly become easier to make and a must-have for a successful eCommerce strategy.

But in 2018 and beyond, no one is questioning the value of video but now it’s to question what videos should you be making? In this short guide you’ll see three main go-to product video formats and why you need them.

1. 360 Product Video

What it is: This is a simple video format that shows your product in a 360 view. It can be as simple as putting the product in a white environment and showing it rotating or can have additional messaging such as text or a voiceover.

Why to use it: The value of this video is straightforward as it shows angles of the product that a photo might miss. 360 product videos also will cut down on returns because your customer has a better understanding of the product prior to purchase. Ecommerce site Stacksandstacks.com uses both manufacturers’ videos and their own in-house product videos to sell houseware items. According to the company’s marketing director, Cathy McManus, “shoppers are 144% more likely to add a product to their cart if they’ve watched the product video than if they haven’t.”

How to make them: You can get started making 360 product videos by utilizing a local video company or by investing in a 360 video studio that your marketing team could utilize.

What type of products benefit: Products with unique ergonomics or multi-dimensional features that are hard to convey via photo.

This 360 watch video gives the viewer the chance to see the insides, underside, and full view of the watch, unlike a photo that might mask a particular angle. The clean setup gives a highly professional and elegant feel to the product.

2. Installation / Tutorial Video

What it is: The tutorial video is a video that walks the viewer through the step by step use of how to install and use the product. This either has a host who speaks into camera or a voiceover that talks the viewer through the process with accompanying visuals to help convey.

Why to use it: The viewer will be more comfortable purchasing a product online given the opportunity to learn and understand how to use it. Instead of a complicated manual, a video is easy to follow and gives the viewer a clear reference point. This video can help in both increasing conversions and used as a practical how-to after the purchase has been made.

How to make them: It starts with writing a tutorial script, and then capturing the necessary visual content. Have a voiceover recorded via VoiceBunny or a similar online voiceover resource, or do it yourself. Once the voiceover is recorded, shoot video and piece it together.

What type of products benefit: An installation video benefits products that are complicated or technical in nature, or that have a complex learning curve to use.

3. Product Testimonial Video

What it is: The product testimonial features one or multiple customers giving their perspective and testimony of the product. This can be done through text on screen, audio interviews, but is most effective as live action video.

Why to use it: Online shoppers are skeptical, especially with products that are new, unique, or have bold claims. In addition to aggregating online reviews, you should create testimonial or review videos that help viewers feel comforted that others have seen success from this product. The testimonial has been a go-to marketing element for years, but with eCommerce written reviews becoming so easy to fake and are less and less believable to consumers. Videos give a face to the name and create an extra layer of realism.

How to make them: Contact your customers who have written positive reviews and ask them if they’d be willing to share their story on video. Find people who are especially passionate about your product or outgoing and upbeat. Hire a local videographer in their area to capture an interview with them as well as shots of them using your product, or ask them to submit a selfie video from their webcam or phone, but be sure to film sideways!

What type of products benefit: Products that are unique, innovators, have bold claims, or are complicated to understand.

This video from LaseResults gives the backstory of the product and helps build credibility from a testimony from a member of their target market.

In the end, integrating one or all of these videos into your ecommerce website design strategy is helpful in driving new traffic through ads, converting existing traffic through product page enhancement, or assisting existing customers through training. Video increases time on page and breaks down the barrier of trust and communication blocking many visitors from checking out on your site. So whether you produce high-end marketing videos or simple in-house content to start, get started with video and see how it works for your ecommerce website!

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