5 Tips for Creating a Successful Social Media Campaign

Author Allison Smith
by Palmer Barr , SEO Specialist

So, you’ve finally decided it’s time to jump on the social bandwagon and get your business involved. Welcome! It’s nice to have you. So what now? Some companies use social media for their business for the sake of it- without a real plan. Like all marketing campaigns, the most successful social media campaigns begin with a plan. Here are 5 questions you should ask yourself while creating a meaningful, specific and (most importantly) successful social media campaign for your business:

1. Why am I creating a social media plan?

First and foremost you must ask yourself “why are we doing this?”. Are you trying to establish a brand identity? Would you like to engage with potential consumers? Are you doing this for SEO? Understanding your main objective is the foundation from which the rest of your social media campaign should grow. This will help keep your campaign focalized, professional and give you the greatest chance for success.

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Some of the most popular social media outlets.

2. What are my specific goals?

Now that you have your main objective defined, start setting realistic goals. For example: you are a company that is looking to increase consumer engagement. Goals for this objective might be: increase total number of engaged users by 30% or increase weekly total reach by 50%. By creating specific and realistic goals, you’ll be able to rate your performance based on real values. Say your goal doesn’t involve a number- that’s ok. It still provides the direction necessary to determine which tactics will be most beneficial to achieving your main objective.

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hootsuite can help you to more easily manage a social media campaign

3. What tactics should I use to achieve my goals?

Once your realistic goals are set, you're able to map out the specific tactics to use in order to achieve those goals. Using the example above, in order to increase user engagement by 30%, you might focus on action-oriented posts. Research popular and trending topics and ask your followers to discuss those topics. You might want to utilize Facebook polls or create a weekly "create a caption" game where you invite users to write their own funny caption to a funny random picture. The possibilities are endless if you can think creatively and keep your end goals in mind at all times.  

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Surveys can help engage social media users

4. How will I be implementing those tactics?

One major draw-back I frequently hear from clients is "I don't have the time." Luckily, there are free tools that can help you map-out your tactic implementation, set a schedule and help save you time, money and resources. HootSuite, for example, offers a great and free plan that lets you manage your social media platforms in one dashboard. You are also able to write and schedule out your posts for the month. By scheduling your posts, you can let your tactics play-out throughout the month while you focus on other important aspects of your business. This does come with a disclaimer- please make sure you’re checking in on these posts to make sure they’re being kindly accepted by your audience. Additionally, if your end goal is to increase user-engagement, you want to make sure you're available to answer any user questions that might arise. Nothing is worse than asking for engagement, if you're not available to engage as well.

5. Am I measuring our performance?

Now that your strategy has been established, your goals defined, tactics outlined and implemented- it's vital to your continual improvement to be monitoring and analyzing your performance. Facebook Insights offer the engagement statistics that can be helpful to measuring your performance. If you're mostly interested in the posts that generated revenue, Google Analytics does a great job of incorporating social performance as well within the "Social" segment. Obtaining data here is important, but knowing how to analyze it is imperative. A couple of questions to ask are: Did you meet your goals? What, in your opinion, was the biggest contributing factor to those outcomes? At what point, did you see a spike or a drop-off? Lastly- what should we do going forward?

If your campaign went off without a hitch, then congratulations! You took the necessary steps to creating and implementing a successful social media campaign. If that’s not the case, then revisit these 5 phases and try to identify where you might have went wrong. Social Media Management is a learning process and it is always evolving. Just, don't get too comfortable. Just when you think you've got your target audience figured out, they just might evolve too!