10 Ways a Client Can Help Ensure a Successful SEO Campaign

As SEO specialists we work hard to produce the best results for our search engine optimization (SEO) clients.

However, there are several ways that our clients can help make our job easier and in turn yield better results with their SEO campaign.

We put together a list of things that can be done before and after a web site is launched that will help with search engine optimization.

Before Launch

1) Domain name selection: The search engines put a great deal of importance on your domain name and the words in that name. If your site is going to sell coffee cups, it is not a good idea to use the domain name “first-rate-products.com” or “smithco.net.” Buy a domain name that has 1 or 2 words that describe what your web site will offer such as “coffeecups.com.”

2) Image names: The search engines use all of the underlying code that makes a web page to determine which visitors it directs to that page for certain searches. One item that is often overlooked prior to launch is the name of the product image. Are you selling a corkscrew? A great name for that image would be a descriptive word or brand and then the word corkscrew such as “electric-corkscrew.jpg” instead of “image43.jpg.”

3) Category names: Every ecommerce web site has categories which determine what a visitor will find in each section. When naming a category avoid using industry jargon, broad terms, or a word the average search engine user would not use as a search term. Does the category offer car tires? It would not be a good idea to name it “vehicle wheels.” This is because the phrase “car tires” is searched over 12,000 times a month whereas “vehicle wheels” is only searched 73 times.

4) Product / Page names: Similar to category naming is choosing the product name. The product name is turned in to the name of the link to the product so when choosing the product page name try to be descriptive with what the name of the page is. Once again, use words someone would use to find that product. Name the product page “black-and-decker-cordless-screwdriver.html” instead of “b-and-d-model-23465.html.”

5) Category and product descriptions: Every category and product has a place in the administration section of the web site to enter a description. You do not have to write a novel, but a paragraph or two describing the product or category with 2 or 3 keywords thrown in to the mix will increase your chances for success. The search engines add this text to their database and if someone searches for those exact words, your site has a greater chance to be in one of the top positions for that search term.

After Launch

6) Lower your expectations: Unfortunately we cannot get your site the #1 position in Google in a month. If anyone says they can do this, they are lying. Sure, you can use Google AdWords and pay them to be positioned first in the Ads section at the top of Google, but to rank #1 organically takes time and patience. As your SEO campaign progresses your web site will start ranking for the keyword searches we are optimizing the site for, but it will not happen overnight. It is a process that takes several months but you will, as time goes by, rank well for the keywords related to the products you sell or services you offer.

7) Regular unique content: Fresh text is like chocolate to a search engine crawler. They love to find new words and put them in their database. Whether you have a blog or like to write articles about what you offer on your web site, we would be more than happy to optimize and publish your content. It can be just a few paragraphs or it can be a series of articles, as long as it is something new, your web site will be crawled on a regular basis and the words in the content will be added to the database.

8) Social media marketing: Regularly updating your companies Facebook page and Twitter feed is important to search engines. An active social media presence is an indicator to a search engine that you are involved with your customers and the number of followers you have indicates a higher level of trust.

9) Ignoring spammers: You will receive a number of emails from supposed SEO experts that make empty promises and outlandish claims. Whether they offer to get your web site thousands of links, write 50 original keyword rich articles for $9.99, or get your site to #1 in Google in 1 week, the unethical techniques they would use would likely result in the banning of your web site from the search engines altogether.

10) Communicate: Let us know if you have an upcoming promotion or have the need to liquidate a particular product because a new version is coming out in a month. Let us be aware of newsletters you’ve recently sent out that we can publish on your blog, or about that magazine where your company was mentioned in, or the blog post where somebody wrote about your awesome customer service. All of these things can be highly beneficial to your site. Keep us in the loop so we can work as a team to incorporate our SEO strategy with your business activity. We like to be included as a member of your team so we can help with your success.

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