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Jet Dock Systems Floating Dock Manufacturer
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About The Project

Project Description

A site redesign was the first step of the JetDock.com transformation. Moving the website from an outdated look to a modern feel allowed for not only a better visual appeal, but a solid foundation for innovative functionality and increased sale leads.

Interactive Dock Finder

The invention of the Dock Finder was initiated when Jet Dock let OuterBox know sales representatives were spending too much time on the phone with potential customers. The customers had questions, and a lot of them, to try and determine which dock would be the right fit. The dock finder allows customers to answer questions in an interactive setting and yields results based on the information entered. Sales representatives can also look up searches per a reference number found at the end of the search. The data can also be mined by Jet Dock to learn more about their customers and how to market to them.