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Jet Dock floats above the competition

A powerful online product catalog and lead generation tool
Organic Search Traffic Increase
Increase in Organic Leads
Conversion Rate Increase

Jet Dock needed to modernize their website, improve search rankings and develop interactive online tools. A quick Google search for the right web design company led them to OuterBox. After a quick review of their free quote request form, we knew right away we could take Jet Dock where they we're looking to go. The goal of the project was simple; drive additional traffic to the website, engage visitors and ultimately capture their information via an online quote request form.

The interactive dock finder

The conception of the Dock Finder began when Jet Dock mentioned that their sales representatives were spending too much time on the phone with potential customers. Due to the complex nature of Jet Dock's products, their customers had a lot of questions when trying to determine which dock would be the right fit. The dock finder allows customers to discover answers to their own questions in an interactive setting that generates results based on the information entered. Sales representatives can also look up searches per a reference number found at the end of the search to keep the conversation going. The data can also be mined by Jet Dock to learn even more about their customers and how to market to them.

The amount of money that was bring in compared to what we spend is a fantastic investment. It is by far the best marketing source we have for the dollars."


Organic search engine optimization campaign

OuterBox took control of Jet Dock's SEO campaign after launching the redesigned website. The initial SEO audit showed over optimization by the previous company that was causing slips in ranking for Jet Dock's major keywords. After creating new content and cleaning up "spammy" SEO techniques, rankings and traffic returned to normal and has continued to grow from there!

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