Case Study

Category Additions to Homepage

Leading Replacement Part Company*

Adding additional categories to a partner’s homepage lowers bounce rate, increases conversion rate.

*Company name has been omitted to honor our partner’s privacy.

Industry: Service | Location: Minnesota | Size: 12,000 employees

Case Study: Category Additions to Homepage


Increase Conversion, Decrease Bounce Rate

Users visiting this company’s homepage had limited options to progress on the site when landing on the homepage. As a long-established brand in the window parts industry, this website called for more robust options in category selections.

Looking through Google Analytics, OuterBox found the top products and categories for the site. Because the homepage had very little content, it was determined that adding these additional options would be the best approach to improve progressions and reduce bounce rate.

These three new sections were: “Explore Window Parts”, “Explore Door Parts” & “Other Popular Categories”. Each of these new sections included the top 5-6 subcategories and a “View All” button that brings users to the top level category page.


Case Study: Category Additions to Homepage


Case Study: Category Additions to Homepage


Decreased bounce rate and increased conversion rate implies that users are finding the parts they need more efficiently. For this reason, the client and the OuterBox team determined this to be a success and it is now a permanent fixture on their site.


Increase in Conversion Rate


Decrease in Bounce Rate


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“OuterBox came to us with an idea to lift conversions on our Product Listing Page. We thought we’d see an improvement with this font and color change; the actual lift far exceeded our expectations. We saw a 50% increase in Conversion Rate for shoppers who interacted with these pages!”

- Bill O'Shea - Senior eCommerce Manager
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