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Leonisa – Cart Conversion Optimization

Leonisa established in 1956, is a global company that specializes in the manufacturing and commercialization of women’s lingerie, shapewear, swimwear and men’s underwear.


In an effort to eliminate distractions and improve usability, we hypothesized that bypassing the add to cart modal and directing the user straight to the cart page would lead to an increase in conversion rate.


conversion rate increase
statistical significance

How we accomplished this

OuterBox implemented an A/B test with the VWO (Visual Website Optimizer) testing platform to determine which add to cart interaction would produce a higher conversion rate with a 95% or higher statistical significance.

Analysis & Summary

This test concluded with results that were statistically significant in favor of the variation. By sending users directly to the cart page after a product add, we provided a better user experience (on mobile devices), which led to an increase in overall conversion rate for users that added an item to their cart. We believe a more traditional add to cart experience is what is expected by users and is what led to this test being a success.





This test has provided our team with valuable learnings to further improve our customer experience. By eliminating the add to cart modal in this test we created a faster conversion flow that allows the user to see the cart page and checkout options sooner. We were pleased with the simplicity of executing this test as it allows us to be more agile with numerous experimentation ideas.

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Sebastian Gonzalez M.

Leonisa | Web Marketing Manager

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