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Add to Cart Rate Optimization

Paul Evans NY is a direct-to-consumer manufacturer of luxury men’s footwear. Their handcrafted Italian dress shoes and belts are designed in New York and made in Italy.

conversion optimization case study


In an effort to increase urgency, we hypothesized that by adding a message displaying how many shoes (size and style) were currently in stock would lead to an increase in add to cart rate.


conversion rate increase
statistical significance

How we accomplished this

OuterBox implemented an A/B test with the VWO (Visual Website Optimizer) testing platform to determine if presenting a product inventory callout would produce a higher add to cart rate with a 95% or higher statistical significance.

Analysis & Summary

This test concluded with results that were statistically significant in favor of the variation. By displaying an inventory message to users for products that had 5 or fewer in stock, we were able to persuade users to consider purchasing sooner as opposed to waiting to buy and taking the risk that the shoe they want may be out of stock. Not only did we experience an increase in add to cart rate, but we also saw a 11.61% increase in overall conversion rate for visitors who saw the variation.





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Working with the team at OuterBox has been great. They are prompt to respond to my (many) requests and produce excellent work. They have been exceptionally helpful in helping create and implement new features for my Shopify website. I plan on using them indefinitely.

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Evan Fript

Paul Evans NY | Co-Founder

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