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Value Prop Addition

An addition of value propositions to the product pages drives increase in add to cart rate and conversion rate

road ready wheels conversion rateRoad Ready Wheels

Industry: Replacement Wheel Manufacturer

Location: Chicago, IL

Overview: Adding value propositions to product pages drove increases in add to cart rate and conversion rate

value prop addition conversion rate


Value Prop Additions to Product Pages

In an attempt to increase add to cart and conversion rates, Road Ready Wheels wanted to test the addition of a new value proposition to product pages. This new value proposition had three potential variations.

Approach & Solution

Value Prop Additions to Product Pages

Our team’s approach was to find a way to display this new value proposition in a more prominent way while not detracting from other pertinent content. Since other existing value propositions already existed on the page, it was determined that they should be moved to this new dedicated value proposition section beneath the product image and buy box.


a/b test control email


a/b test variation email


Lift in Conversion Rate
Lift in Add to Cart Rate

Analysis & Summary

Customer Confidence Leads to More Conversions

Final results showed all four variations providing lifts in add to cart rate, with variation #2 providing a significant lift in conversion rate as well. Our hypothesis was validated in that the increased visibility into RRW value props is responsible for this lift.

The added prominence of these value propositions and the addition of one new one has clearly had an impact on customer confidence and will not only lead to more conversions for Road Ready Wheels but also give their customers a clearer understanding of their policies.

“Trinity has been an excellent partner in running these tests. From the original architecture of the concept, creation of the test plan, all the way through to the testing results and deliverable. The level of communication and detail the team provides is what makes the tests so successful. We have been extremely pleased with the internal performance but also the external customer-facing changes we have been able to make have been game-changing.”

road ready wheels conversion rate

Jonah Smith

Founder & CEO | Road Ready Wheels

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