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We’ve been powering custom eCommerce website product configurators – allowing for powerful customizations – since 2004.
  • Allow customers to easily customize products
  • Show a visual representation of the final product design
  • Manage and build new products via your administration
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Product Customization & Configuration Capabilities for Professional eCommerce Websites

When you’re selling a unique product Online it makes building an eCommerce websites a more complicated project. Giving customers the ability to configure products online and view a true representation of those products is ideal, but it seems like a tough proposition. At OuterBox we’re eCommerce website experts and have developed hundreds of custom eCommerce solutions, many of them involving product configurators from helping companies develop a trophy building interface to based clothing customization our eCommerce software solutions power your needs. Our software is fully integrated meaning your eCommerce platform, product configurator, CMS and all tools are within our software package, not a bunch of plug-ins. This makes for a much cleaner user experience and easier for our clients to manage their website and product data.

Customize on desktop or mobile

Customize On Desktop & Mobile

Whether on desktop or a mobile device customers can easily customize products and view the end results within seconds.
Product customization fast website interface

A Lightning Fast User Experience

With multiple technology options, we'll choose the one that best suites your customization needs to make the experience fast!
robot ecommerce features

Ecommerce & Configurator All-In-One

Our software is a complete package that eliminates the need for 3rd party applications, plug-ins and more.
real time product configurator software

Real Time Product Rendering

Real Time Product RenderingCustomers can view their customizations in real-time, instantly getting a preview of what they'll be purchasing.
eCommerce CMS

Manage All Your Content

Through your website administration, you'll be able to easily manage products, categories, content, promotions and more.
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How does an eCommerce website product configuration tool work?

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Multiple configuration technology options

Not all websites should be powered using the same technology. Depending on the level of customization you need, we’ll scale a solution to match. This ensures you’re using what you need and not loading functionality you don’t, slowing down your shopping experience.

Overlaying images

One of the easiest ways to create a product configuration tool is to overlay images. Through mapping of coordinates, we’ll place one image over another as customers select options. This makes for a real-time experience that load very quickly and gives a real-life representation of the final customized product.

3D product rendering

If you have the needs for full 3D rendering we can come up with a solutions for customers to turn, flip and view products from all angles. Having 3D model files available is a huge asset to begin moving in this direction!

Custom Products Website FAQs

How many products can be on my eCommerce website?

With our true enterprise platform you can add as many products, categories and options as needed. We’ll help you to configure and select a hosting plan that will be powerful enough for your demands. We have clients with more than 100,000 customizable products and have experience in making these solutions work.

Can we integrate with our current data / ERP?

Yes, we can import data or do a real-time integration with ERP systems. Our developers can do a full consultation to determine the best way to integrate your data and come up with a plan for keeping that data up-to-date on the website and within your database. We’ve completed hundreds of custom data integrations over our 15+ years in business.

How do we market our website once it is complete?

Here at OuterBox we’re eCommerce SEO and paid search management pros. We’ve built our business on marketing expertise and are nationally recognized as a leader in the eCommerce marketing space. Not only can we build your website but we can manage all of your search marketing campaigns to turn your website into a successful revenue generating machine.