Case Study

VIP Loyalty Automation

Unclaimed Baggage

Buys domestic airline orphaned bags and gives them a second life by selling, donating, and recycling their contents.

Industrial: Retail | Location: Scottsboro, Alabama

VIP Loyalty Automation

1. Project

Email Automation Maturity

In order to build long term loyalty and maximize customer lifetime value, we want to show personalized appreciation to customers at the right time. Customers who get customized promotions and gifts tend to stay longer and spend more. We recommended that Unclaimed Baggage add a VIP Loyalty automation to thank superfans with a thoughtful gift.

Email flow created by OuterBox:

Email Automation Maturity

2. Approach

VIP Loyalty Automation

OuterBox created a segment of VIP users that we defined as those who had made 3 purchases within a 90-day period. When this event was triggered, it would start customers on a VIP automation. We then tested a 7-day versus 21-day time delay between initially triggering the automation and getting their first email.

The first email thanked users for being one of the most loyal fans and delivered a 15% off dynamic coupon code. Two days later, the automation checked to see if they had made a purchase and then sent a reminder email if they hadn’t yet.

VIP users email designed and implemented by OuterBox:

VIP Loyalty Automation

3. Results

Highest Placed Order Rate & Revenue per Recipient

This new flow was only shown to the most engaged customers and resulted in record setting results.

By rewarding engaged users and testing the optimal timing, Unclaimed Baggage generated even more value from their highest value customers. The new segment will automatically capture users at the right time to generate more orders.


Orders in first 3 months


Placed Order Rate


Revenue per Recipient

4. Platform Support


Klaviyo is a cloud-based eCommerce marketing automation platform for personalized 1:1 email that drives results.

Klaviyo Automation

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