Case Study

Lead Form Interaction Increase

Eriksen Translations

Industrial: Multilingual Services | Location: Brooklyn, NY

Before COVID banner removal and introduction of

1. Project

Increase Lead Form Interaction

The ultimate goal for Eriksen Translations was to increase lead form submissions, but they knew there were smaller problems that needed solving such as increasing the homepage scroll depth and visibility to their lead generation form. OuterBox used baseline data and best practice guides to implement changes and increase lead form interaction.

2. Approach

OuterBox Recommends Changes to Site

Based on their baseline data, combined with best practice recommendations, the OuterBox team recommended the following updates:

(1) Remove an outdated COVID banner button
Heat and Click map data showed little to no activity to this button, and the client’s team no longer wanted to emphasize this content. Therefore by removing this button, and giving back real estate to the home page, more information was visible above the fold and would lead to increased scroll depth.

(2) Add and emphasize a global CTA button
The only way the user could see the lead gen form was to scroll to the bottom of the page. And with the low scroll depth percentage, OuterBox knew it was not helping with the lead gen submission rate. Therefore, by adding a CTA button “Get in Touch” that anchored down to the lead gen form, we hoped to see increased form interaction.

(3) Add a sticky navigation feature
OuterBox recommended giving users the easiest way to find what they were looking for – and fast! By adding a sticky navigation, OuterBox hypothesized that Eriksen Translations would see increased interaction with the navigation.

Before COVID banner removal (HotJar):

Before COVID banner removal (HotJar)

After COVID banner removal (HotJar):

After COVID banner removal (HotJar)

Before COVID banner removal and introduction of “Get In Touch” button:
Before COVID banner removal and introduction of

After “Get In Touch” sticky button added to navigation and COVID banner removed:

After COVID banner removal and introduction of Get in Touch Button

Sticky Navigation Heat Map Results:

Sticky Navigation Heat Map Results

Global “Get In Touch” Lead Gen Form:


3. Results

Increases in Interactions

This collaboration of ideas and combined efforts between the client and OuterBox team was successful. By making simple changes, OuterBox was able to see big improvements in areas that had been pain points for the client’s team in the past.

progression rate increase


Progression rate increase
Succes stories interaction increase


"Succes stories" interaction increase


"Capabilities" interaction increase
Scroll depth improvement


Scroll depth improvement
Contact interaction increase


"Contact" interaction increase
Form interaction increase


Form interaction increase

4. Platform Support


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