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Must Have Automotive Ecommerce Website Features

Building an automotive industry website can be a challenge. Which platform do you use? What features are a must have? In this guide we touch on some of the main features you’ll need whether you’re selling automotive parts online, tires, or just having an extensive parts catalog. It is important to allow customers to easily find what they need and assure them it fits their vehicle. We’ve built many automotive Ecommerce websites in the past and want to share the must-haves!

auto ecommerce website search

Above: Having a make, model, year search can get the customer right to their products.

Automotive Website Challenges

One of the main challenges our clients face in launching a new automotive website or doing a redesign is loading in the product data. Not only do you need to have all of your product images, pricing and descriptions, but to power a year / make / model search and power filtering you must have well categorized product data. For example each possible year / make / model must be associated with each product. If you want to power filtering and allow a website visitor to filter by “wheel size”, for example, then each product must have a “wheel size” attribute associated with it. The data that powers your automotive platform will allow you to take a full advantages of the features available to you. Also, remember, the more unique data you have, the better it will be for your automotive SEO campaign. Each piece of data and attribute often turns into a searched keyword or phrase.

Above: A website platform with a robust product filtering feature is a must have.

Basic Parts Platforms vs. Robust Platforms

When choosing the platform to work with consider a few things. Is the platform made, or has it been used successfully in the past, to run a website similar to the one you want to launch? If the platform is more basic, such as a Square space platform, changes are you’ll be wishing for functionality and features that you do not have. A parts website is a more complicated than selling t-shirts or a basic product and the solution that powers the website must also be more advanced. Do you due diligence and ask for a platform demo that has product similar to yours loaded in.

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