Flash? Not Anymore. HTML5, Javascript and Why Flash Disappeared.

Flash use to be to be the coolest thing ever. Who doesn’t remember the Flash splash page on almost every awesome website that existed? So, what happened? Mobile happened. As mobile devices came to the market Flash wasn’t supported on them due to the fact that Flash was an application that needed to be installed. Phones don’t typical have program installs and phone manufactures didn’t want to pre-install Flash on their devices. Famously Apple refused to put Flash on their iPhone and that was a major turning point towards the usage of CSS, Javascript and HTML 5.

The End of Flash Was Videos

As Flash began to disappear it was still often used for streaming video content. There was a good amount of time that watching video on a mobile device, due to the usage of Flash, was very difficult. In the recent years almost all websites, including the major video syndicators such as YouTube, have moved to HTML 5 video players. For web developers, such as ourselves, it is a great change in the way video is provided. Not only is HTML 5 mobile and tablet friendly, but it is also much easier to manage video content.

The classic window. Do you want to install Flash? No, thanks. Not anymore.

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