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Over 75,000 Parts Both New & Used

Fanuc World, owned by Tennessee Industrial Electronics (TIE), came to OuterBox with an antiquated website from a design, functionality and marketing perspective. Their challenge was twofold: build a modern website capable of displaying thousands of products and secondly, market the website with organic SEO and paid search to achieve a positive ROI. The new website was developed utilizing the Onveos shopping cart platform.

After Launch of the New Website Organic Traffic Increased Over 450% in 6 Months. That's What We Do!

Responsive Design

As parts break and Fanuc World's products are in demand, plant managers and buyers turn to their phone or other mobile devices to search for parts on the fly. The need for a streamlined, mobile-friendly user-experience was absolutely critical to their success in the future.

Custom Product Page Functionality

New, Used, Repair & Core Credit Pricing

With a complex catalog of products, Fanuc World needed product pages that allowed for variable-based, dynamic pricing to be displayed based on the product, type and other options selected. The website allows for users to view trade in (core-credit) pricing as well as an estimated repair cost. Pretty slick, huh?

Auto-Generated Related Products

With over 75,000 unique parts for sale, setting up related product manually was simply not an option. To make matters worse, due to the sheer quantity of products offered, Google was not seeing all products listed. Auto-generating related items allowed Google to index and find all products, making their parts numbers searchable via Google. Would additional revenue streams help your business?

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