Google Broad Core Algorithm Update Today, September 24 2019

Author Justin Smith
by Justin Smith, CEO
September 24,2019

Google has officially announced a broad core algorithm update that will begin rolling out today, September 24th, 2019. Are your site's rankings ready for the update?

Google is always making tweaks and changes to its algorithm, but several times per year, they roll out what is known as a broad core update. This one's a bit unusual as they don't typically announce these updates until after they have begun to roll out. Google made the latest core algo update official this morning with a tweet from the Google SearchLiaison twitter account:

Google Algorithm Updates September

Here's What to do if your site rankings decline after an algorithm update:

  • Read Google's webmaster blog about core algorithm updates
  • Get a free OuterBox SEO estimate and mention the algorithm update. Our team will develop a plan and estimate of costs to help your site rebound from the update.
  • Monitor your site for significant drops in keyword rankings or organic traffic to determine if your site has been negatively or positively affected.
  • Remember, if you lose rankings, it's not that you're losing rankings, it's that your competitors are gaining rankings. These updates reward good sites and content; they don't punish bad sites.
  • Continuing to focus on providing high-quality content remaing crucial to success regardless of algorithm updates.

What's Notable About this Update?

  • Google announced this before it rolled out. Usually, they wait until after. This could mean it is a more significant update if they feel the need to warn the industry before it rolls out.
  • Looking for a cute animal name like Penguin or Panda that you can use to refer to the algo update with your friends? Sorry, Google started naming algorithm updates based on the date to avoid confusion. In other words, this update will always be known as the "September 2019 Core Algorithm Update."

Why Does This Matter To You?

  • If your website receives traffic from Google, that traffic could suddenly decline due to lost keyword rankings in Google. If your organic traffic suddenly declines, contact OuterBox or another SEO company immediately to investigate and determine an appropriate solution. Time is of the essence when it comes to rebounding from an algo update. Learn more about our SEO consulting services.
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