Corsa Performance: Record-Breaking Numbers that Exhaust the Competition

Auto Parts SEO Case Study

CORSA Performance uses advanced engineering technologies to create market-leading & cutting-edge products for the automotive enthusiast. CORSA had spent years setting the stage for online growth, but knew they needed outside help to drive more revenue through organic search, paid search, and social media advertising. So in the summer of 2020, based on strong recommendations from some of their B2B partners, CORSA reached out to OuterBox. Over the past two years, OuterBox has helped to increase revenue by nearly 300%, with organic search revenue jumping 366%!

Auto Parts SEO Case Study

Key Campaign Statistics

175% Conversion Rate Increase

489% Increase in Total Revenue

2,200 Keywords on First Page of Google (compared to less than 800)

Crushing the Competition with Epic Search Engine Optimization

When CORSA was referred to us through one of their B2B partners, they were lagging in their search engine presence and knew it needed some attention. They had historically focused on paid social marketing, email, and influencer marketing, but wanted to explore the power of SEO. After just a few months they knew they had made the right choice when we started seeing double digit percentage growth in revenue via organic search. With consistent emphasis on on-page optimizations, unique content, and driving their E-A-T score, OuterBox has been able to drive historic results with unprecedented revenue numbers.


Google Page #1 Keywords Include:

CORSA now holds more than 2,200 first-page positions on Google compared to 800 previously.


ROI!! For the past 2+ years we’ve been working closely with OuterBox to build the online presence of our business with a strategy focused on SEO and Google Advertising. Working together, while executing against our strategic directives, the OuterBox team has delivered strong website traffic and sales growth. The OuterBox team is incredibly responsive and easy to work with making them one of the best outside agencies I’ve worked with over the course of my 20+ year CPG Marketing career. If you are looking to evolve your Marketing tactics or execute against a digital transformation strategy call OuterBox.

- Brent Noward, CORSA Performance

CORSA Performance Dominates Google Ads

Before engaging OuterBox, CORSA Performance was only seeing success with advertising on social media. The opportunity was definitely there on Google, as well; they just needed the expert hand to drive the ship. Now, with successful paid search campaigns running in conjunction with their SEO strategy, the company has seen paid revenue increase to make up nearly 1/3 of their total monthly revenue, whereas before it had been nonexistent.

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