Lethal Performance: A 7-Figure Revenue Increase With High-Octane SEO/SEM Campaigns

Auto Parts SEO Case Study

Lethal Performance Inc. is the leader in aftermarket performance parts for late-model Ford, Chevy, and Dodge vehicles. Back in winter 2019, the leadership team at Lethal Performance knew there was immense potential to drive more revenue but needed a strategic partner to help them maximize their potential. That’s when they turned to OuterBox. Through a robust and ever-evolving SEO and PPC strategy, OuterBox has helped increase Lethal Performance’s organic and paid revenue by more than 1,000% over the years.

Auto Parts SEO Case Study

Key Campaign Statistics

456% Website Traffic Increase

1,103% Increase in Revenue

14,213 Keywords on First Page of Google (compared to 3,800)




World-Class Search Engine Optimization Campaign

When Lethal Performance first came to OuterBox, they had just launched a new website and knew they were way behind when it came to their SEO strategy. With the ultimate goal to increase revenue, the SEO team at OuterBox put together a comprehensive plan focused on on-page optimizations, link building, content development, conversion rate optimization, and technical updates. Building on this foundation, the OuterBox SEO team continues to modify and optimize its plan to drive continued success and results.

Google Page #1 Keywords Include:

Lethal Performance now holds 14,213 first-page positions on Google compared to 3,800 previously.
SEO Results


We’ve grown our online sales by 923% over the last three years, and I’m talking big numbers – from millions to tens of millions. OuterBox has been the best digital marketing partner we’ve ever had for SEO, paid search, email, and more.

- Jared Rosen, Lethal Performance

Lethal Performance Capitalizes on Google Ads

Before engaging OuterBox, Lethal Performance was just breaking even on their Google Ads campaigns. They knew the potential was there, they just needed help in driving ROI across their campaigns. Now, with successful paid search campaigns running in conjunction with their SEO strategy, the company has seen paid revenue increase by 479% with only a 124% spend increase.

Ads Stats

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