Mount-It! - Welcome Series Optimization

Auto Parts SEO Case Study

Mount-It! is an eCommerce store selling TV and computer mounts to improve the functionality of living areas and office spaces. Their automated email performance had recently plummeted, and OuterBox identified several big opportunities to optimize various touchpoints, working to increase ongoing revenue from new subscribers. OuterBox’s very first task was to optimize the Welcome Series – without starting from scratch – and it quickly produced a 3X increase in revenue!

Auto Parts SEO Case Study

Key Campaign Statistics

Additional Monthly Orders: +77

Increase in Average Monthly Revenue: 141%

Revenue per Recipient: $3.40

Project: Optimize the Welcome Series for Immediate Revenue Gains

Early during our partnership with Mount-It!, we noticed several opportunities in their existing Welcome Series to recover lost revenue and generate new revenue at higher Placed Order rates than previously achieved. Without starting from scratch, we used email, SMS, and opt-in forms to improve engagement that would increase Placed Order rates across the entire automation.


Approach: Small Adjustments Lead to Dramatic Wins

The first opportunity we found was to correct a broken integration with a third-party SMS collection form, which led to major loss of revenue that had gone unnoticed. We moved the SMS program as well as the opt-in form directly to Klaviyo in order to recover the baseline revenue that we would then build on.

Once we began optimizing the Welcome Series, our goal was to make small adjustments that would directly tie to increased revenue without redesigning or completely rewriting the email series.

Optimizations included:

  • Time-delay updates
  • Streamlined logic
  • Increased emphasis on the welcome offer
  • More persuasive copywriting
  • Resending the welcome offer to those who hadn’t made a purchase yet

These optimizations led to a LARGE improvements in orders and revenue for our client.

Mount-It! Results Case Study

Results: Attributed Orders & Revenue Way Up

Even without creating an entirely new flow, Mount-It was able to achieve the highest number of orders and revenue ever generated from their Welcome Series using some strategic optimizations.

Mount-It! Case Study Automation Graphic

Platform Support: Klaviyo Email & SMS + Shopify

Klaviyo is a cloud-based eCommerce marketing automation platform for personalized 1:1 email that drives results.

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