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Increasing paid search leads while decreasing cost per conversion

Increase in Clicks
Decrease in Cost per Conversions
Increase in Conversions

GPI Meters came to OuterBox looking to improve eCommerce conversions and sales from their authorized reselling site based around GPI/FLOMEC liquid flow meters for industrial and commercial purposes. The search for an agency began because of a low ROI and it was clear the campaign needed major adjustments and optimization.

The Strategy

  • We completed a full campaign restructure based off the products available on the site; using each flow meter type as a basis for a campaign.
  • New ad copy was created using top keywords surrounding each specific campaign.
  • Keyword bids were adjusted to help drop daily costs and to place focus on terms that convert more frequently.
  • Repetitive/redundant keywords & phrases were removed to also help drop the daily spend and to also remove any potential for overlapping ads.
  • A Google Shopping campaign was created; beginning with the top 50 products from the client, to help drive additional sales and new visitors.
  • Collaborative effort with the SEO team to help make sure all marketing teams were aligned and working towards the same goals.

GPI Meters tasked us with improving e-commerce conversions and bringing in new traffic from their authorized reselling site; which is based around GPI/FLOMEC liquid flow meters for industrial and commercial purposes. Results were low, and things needed to change.


The Results

  • Even though they didn't run ads in January or February of 2019, conversions were up 142% compared to Jan-Nov of 2018
  • Every month we've worked on the account has seen at least 200% Yo growth
  • August saw 1,000% YoY growth
  • Cost / Conversion, Conversion Rate, and Sales are the best they've been in the history of the account


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