Case Study

A/B Email Testing in Salesforce Marketing Cloud​

Leading industry in window & door replacement*

Industry: Service | Location: Minnesota | Size: 12,000 employees

Overview: OuterBox created new email capabilities to more effectively reach customers by means of testing, reporting, and development.

(*Company name has been omitted to honor our partner’s privacy.)


1. Problem

No A/B Email Testing Capability

Awesome Service & Co. lacked the capability to a/b test emails sent out through Salesforce Marketing Cloud journeys, and were told that this testing was not possible.

2. Solution

Custom, Repeatable Solution

OuterBox pragmatically developed a custom, repeatable solution to a/b test any email within Awesome Service & Co.’s journeys.

  • Established an extensive, one-year testing roadmap
  • Created a custom, repeatable reporting solution to monitor a/b testing performance
  • Proved analysis, design and development solutions for each test campaign
Custom, Repeatable Solution

3. Results


  • Ability to test in Salesforce Marketing Cloud journey to continually optimize open and click thru rates
  • Actionable insights and recommendations for any new potential email changes to ensure positive performance results before full implementation

View PDF of this case study here

increase in open rate on A/B test with personalized subject line


Increase in open rate on A/B test with personalized subject line

4. Platform Support


Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a platform for delivering relevant, personalized journeys across channels and devices — enabling marketers to deliver the right message at the right time throughout all phases of the relationship. Marketing Cloud includes integrated solutions for customer journey management, email, mobile, social, web personalization, advertising, content creation and management, and data analysis.


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