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Maximize Google Exposure With Paid and Organic Search Optimization

Maximize Google Exposure With Paid and Organic Search Optimization

4 Ways Paid Search Helps Your SEO Efforts

If you have focused exclusively on SEO to promote your website, then PPC marketing is about to give you a windfall of data. If you have operated your SEO and PPC efforts in isolated silos, then it’s time to marry the two for better information spreading across your marketing efforts.

1. Discover Better Keyword Research and Targeting

Google Ads is essentially a free keyword research tool for your SEO team. They can see what keywords perform best and what makes people click on your page. Some SEO teams use Google keyword results to identify low-hanging fruit. What keywords have high CTR and conversion rates, but low organic results? This is a great place to start to buffer SEO efforts and focus your work.

2. Tap Into a Steady Stream of Content Ideas

One of the best tools you can use to come up with landing page ideas and blog content is the search terms tab in the keyword section. This shows exactly what people are typing in to reach your website. If you predominantly use broad and phrase-match keywords, you may be surprised by how people are finding you.

Most paid search experts check this column at least weekly to see what their top terms are. This allows them to add poor match results to negative keyword lists to prevent wasted clicks in the future.

More customers than ever are typing complete sentences and long-tail keywords into Google. This is only going to increase with the continued rise of voice search tools like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. It’s time to look into your search terms and turn these keywords into content.

Most of the keywords in this section won’t require much adjustment to become ideas. If someone lands on your site with the phrase “how can I grow closer to my boyfriend,” and you write advice columns, you have your next idea. You can even pull some of your top-performing keywords and base ideas off of them in your next ideation session. The possibilities are endless.

3. Learn Who Your Top Competitors Are

Google Ads allows you to get a clear picture of where you stand in the auctions and who your top competitors are. Your search team likely keeps an eye on these other bidders, but your SEO team can benefit as well.

Use this information to see where your competitors outrank you in paid results and how they compare organically. What can you do to stand out and reach new audiences? What do your competitors have from an SEO standpoint that you don’t have? If you want to go after your competitors to maximize Google exposure, use this tool to see what you’re up against to overtake them.

4. Learn More About Your Target Audiences and Personas

Google Ads and Google Analytics provide more data about who is visiting your website and what they are getting out of it. If you are developing brand guidelines and a content strategy for SEO, consider using the data from your PPC efforts to create profiles on potential customers.

There are a variety of tools you can use within the ad interface to do this. You can look at specific audiences that Google divides users into. You can look at specific demographic information like age and gender, or you can look at demand for certain products and services and the people who buy them. Use the mountains of data that Google provides to create reliable, accurate target personas.

Let OuterBox Optimize Your PPC & Seo Efforts

You don’t need to be an expert in both SEO and PPC to have a successful marketing campaign. Consolidating your efforts through one organization increases communication and helps you develop a unified strategy where your PPC efforts help your SEO and vice versa.

Take the first steps toward better paid and organic search results. Contact us today and discover how you can maximize Google exposure through SEO, UX and conversion optimization.

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